If you didn’t do it, don’t offer to help

A couple of years ago there was a story about two girls who went missing and suspected murdered and I was having a conversation with a friend about offering to help when you have nothing to do with the crime, my friend contested that you should always help if you can and my response, which pretty much sealed the deal on the issue, I write here so others can discuss it as well

During the investigation of the Soham Murders, the police went on the television and said, we are looking for a white van which was seen in the area at the time and police would like anyone in that area at that time with a white van to come forward to be eliminated from the inquiry and narrow down the number of possibilities they had to go through.

Word to the wise, FUCK THAT! you seriously want me to say I had a white van and was driving in that area at the time these girls went missing? Are you fucking crazy????  I might as well just paint PEDOBEAR on the side of the van and drive to the police headquarters, pull my pants down and ask to be “investigated”, I mean, who in their right mind would come forward.  What exactly are the police going to do in such circumstances? register my name and address, ask me “did I murder two girls” and if I answer in the negative, let me go??

OR, do you think I’ll have my day ruined, be suspected of doing the crime, have my life turned upside down, have my face in the papers associated with the girls disappearance (which will never be forgotten by the way, innocent or not). Then I’ll just go back to my normal life, after being totally raped by the almost-becoming-to-a-cinema-near-you-police-state system we live in. Fancy working with children in the future? good luck, your face was in the papers and I recognise you, want to take another white van job, oh sorry, we don’t employ suspected pedophiles. Fancy some friends, oh sorry, nobody wants to know a pedophile.

“BUT I DIDNT DO IT!!” You will scream

“Yeah yeah, so if you’re so innocent, how come your face was in the papers?? No smoke without fire my friend”

is pretty much the response you’re about to get

So, if you didn’t do it, have nothing to do with it, don’t offer to help, assist, “eliminate yourself from inquiries” or “assist” the police, because assisting the police to you means something completely different to them, remember, they are not the same type of people as you are.

what do you think?

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