SSH + Java + GCJ = Mac Corrupt on Input

Well, I had another GCJ problem today, here is what happened

I was running eclipse, which is my main development platform and I was trying to use the plugin I wrote, eSFTP when I was never being able to verify the connection, always getting “Connection Failed”.

On opening the OSGi console, I found that I was getting the

“Mac Corrupt on Input”

Whenever I tried to connect, I looked this up on the net and found that people described it as the network link is correct, but then the mac information gets corrupted whilst being transported from the network link level, to the operating system level.† I was a little dumbfounded, not having a clue what could be causing this problem.

I ran eclipse again and then opened the configuration information for eclipse, which is the in the

Help -> About

screen and I found that it was running GCJ as the java VM, which is not really what I wanted, because I always run with the Sun VM now, because of the problems I had with open office.† Which you can read about here.

So, ok, now I forced Eclipse to use the Sun VM and tried again, magically, everything worked and I am able to use eSFTP again without any problems.

I cannot explain _WHY_ this is the case, but it’s just something I came across recently and thought I would share with you, see if it helps you out.

1 thought on “SSH + Java + GCJ = Mac Corrupt on Input”

  1. Just in regards to your ESftp plugin:

    Thanks so much for this plugin! I have been using it for more than 2 years on a daily basis!
    The only thing I would like is an option to turn off allowing to upload complete folders. Sometimes the focus is on the File Explorer view, I press ctrl+alt+s, thinking I am uploading the file I am editing, and it starts uploading my whole project. Cancelling is not working, I have to kill all of Eclipse to stop the upload.
    But I just got used now to make sure I am in the editor view before uploading. :)

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