Why does Nautilus take so long to show large directories?

Well. I am sitting here wondering why Nautilus takes about 8 seconds to show the contents of my Home Directory, I know there are a lof of files in there, but it’s worse with my Downloads directory, which takes even longer, but Windows doesnt have a problem here, showing the contents within 2 seconds, it takes Nautilus about 10-12 to show my Downloads directory.

Now, some of you people might think, what, 10 seconds? Jees, are you THAT impatient?!?!?

Well, my reply would be that being impatient for a bus to arrive and take you to work is something that most people have done before and they agree that well, time takes time and buses are bound by the laws of the universe, but what if you had TWO bus companies, one which arrived as soon as you got to the station and the other, on their own timetable. What would you say about the two bus companies then?

See, thats my problem, it’s not that it takes 10 seconds to open the view, it’s that it takes windows 2, max, so I am waiting 5x more for Nautilus to open the same window. Even with thumbnails it produces turned off it takes the same amount of time

It’s a contrast issue, windows browsing my files is just _FASTER_ and when you are looking for a file, do you like 10 second pauses in your search for that file?? what if you had to open the directory say 5 times, looking into subdirectories? well, you know how file navigation can be a bit of hit and miss sometimes, so it’s possible that you could end up waiting a lot longer than the 10 seconds…

Improvements here would make my life a lot better.

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