Jeff Waugh censoring his blog

Hey, just woke up to a nasty censorship slap, here is the details,

last night I read Murray Cummings post about Jeff Waugh, I got to there from a link on António Meireles blog and I wrote back to analyse what had happened, I first went to Murray’s blog, read his very hard hitting entry and stopped to think that maybe it’s right, maybe it’s not, on Antónios blog, I wrote that nowadays everyone can write blah blah blah, but it’s not enough, you shouldn’t be contributing to a serious post in a “He’s not stupid, YOU’RE stupid” reply, what does that prove?

So I went about analysing the post murray wrote and posted it back, António doesnt moderate his blog, so obviously what I said, came into the world and you can read it at the bottom, if it was unfair, wrong, badly written, please let me know, but I think I had a point, in that, if you can’t contribute anything to a discussion, why bother, keep your mouth shut and let other people talk about it, because if all you can say is Nah nah nah nahhhhh nahhhh, then I don’t think many people are going to take you seriously.

So, I went to Jeff Waugh’s blog which is also linked from the same post and I read his rather depressing post about how Murray has a point and that everything is not how murray painted it, etc etc. So I wrote back, here is what I wrote.

8. Alex M. Says:
November 27th, 2007 at 10:18

I also have suffered from depression in the past and It can feel overwhelming and unbearable at times – but stick it out, things allways seem to get better even when you don?t expect it. I hope you get elected and can continue to do excellent work for Gnome, I think comments like Murrays are detramental to Gnome and free-software in general and hope he makes some form of apology soon.
9. Chris Thomas Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
November 27th, 2007 at 10:44


I really feel sorry if you?ve suffering, but where there is smoke, there is fire, what I guess we should do, is instead of saying ?oh well, thats YOUR opinion, this is mine? what you should do is start to analyse whether what was said, is right or wrong.

What murray commented on is that when an issue is brought up, you?re overly vague, evasive, put it down to ?personal differences?, etc, etc. Isn?t that EXACTLY what you?ve just done here?

I don?t see any point by point rebuttal, I don?t see any analysis, I don?t see any fighting, it?s almost like you agree with him, but can?t bring yourself to say it.

You?re periods of absence? You?re 6 months to bring a PR release for GMAE? What about not replying to emails, what about being non-responsive. Can ANY of this be wrong? Do you have ANYTHING that says murray is wrong? Surely if you have done work on gnome, if you?ve communicated, talked, discussed, this is open source, there is an audit trail.

Lets see where the cookies go.

But instead of putting the truth on the table, you react in EXACTLY the way murray explains you will do, replying with the way that you have here, you?ve not explained anything, you?ve not actually reponded to anything he says and I know you?re going to reply to me in a very predictable way, that this has all been discussed before and it?ll come to nothing.

WHERE, show me, I wanna click the links and read it, I wanna see four or five mailing list posts where I can see that YOU?RE RIGHT AND MURRAY IS WRONG.

Saying you’ve got depression is all very well, but you know, that when you are a firefighter and you have heart problems, you can’t fight fires anymore. So, lets break this down some more.

You’re saying that the reason for some of your actions is that you’ve got depression, ok, we’re all very sorry, seriously, I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, but what you have to consider is that maybe your depression is causing harm to the projects you?re interested in, or involved in. There comes a point where someone calls you out, someone puts your health on the table and says, “we’re all very sorry, but your suffering, is becoming OUR suffering” and whilst we should all support those around us, to force that upon us is to do us harm as well as others.

Should that be “ok” ?

Your post is very apologetic, very vague and almost sounds like agreement with murray, to me, that says to me that maybe you should consider NOT running anymore, because you realise your problems are being forced onto everyone else and everyone is suffering because you refuse to face reality, that you cannot do the things you want to do, you are simply restricted by your circumstances,

welcome to the world, please take a seat.

chris thomas

Apparently Jeff hasn’t got the time to read my post and moderate it, but he’s got all the time in the world to approve other comments from other people, who as you’ll see, there are like 10 more comments after mine. So I am in approval limbo until Jeff approves my comment, I guess he’ll just say that he didnt see my comment was waiting, or that my comment isnt IN the system, what am I talking about?? “chris? a blog post from you? where? I can’t see it? I think it’s gotten lost in the post”

Isn’t this exactly what Murray was complaining about? what jeff somehow doesnt receive messages like normal people, but then says he didnt receive it, so couldn’t reply, you know, sometimes I’ve done that, it’s like this:

Someone emails you saying something you don’t really have an answer for, they put you against the wall, you really have two options, 1) reply and hope you can reply with something good or 2) don’t reply, say the offending email was lost and you never received it, therefore sidestepping the problem entirely.

We’ve all done it at one time or another, I know I have, Jeff seems to be doing it also. To back up what I am saying, I took a screenshot of Jeff’s blog and I thought it might be interesting to see, so here is the screenshot.

Jeff wauge's blog screenshot
Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see if these comments get moderated or not, I’d like to see if they disappear, never get moderated, got lost in the post, or Jeff’s dog ate them.

Possibilities Possibilities.

I’ll update this post when I have more to say, I’ve got to email Murray and get some other people on board.

Chris Thomas

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