Call to action!!! Book: Wasting Police Time

The book, named above, is a pretty critical piece of work by PC Copperfield and I recommend it, merely for the amusing stupidity that infects our police service. The ISBN is: 978-0-9552854-1-7

everyone buy it now and read it, you’ll most likely be told what you already know, but you’ll at least find it funny and have something to talk about the next time the topic comes up.

It’s not just RIPA or other Laws in this country that needs investigating, it’s the entire system, the problem comes that the people who oppose changes are the people finding themselves jobs and changing that, eliminating jobs, is eliminating votes, who is going to vote for a party which plans to radically tackle beaurocracy? You? I hope you have skills in other areas and find a job soon.† Also, I’ll expand that to read the entire country is in critical need of help, so it’ll let me talk about more broad topics.

If you’re a beaurocrat, you’ll vote the other guys, if you want to keep your job anyway, so the problems faced are significant.† People need to start thinking about the big picture ™ and not just their small piece of it, not that it’ll happen anytime soon.

What we need is a PM who is going to shake it up, not give a damn about getting re-elected and just tear through the system.

IT contracts?  yeah, with expensive failure clauses. You can’t find a contractor to agree? fine, divide the contract up, spread the failure across smaller companies.

BIG IT contracts? who needs them anyway, you want an integrated NHS service, are you REALLY REALLY sure you need IBM to achieve it? or do they need to just design the principles and push local IT companies to do the implementation at a LOCAL LEVEL? Failure clauses? sure, but since the risk is now smaller, surely you’ll find someone.

Police service? It would be great if seargents and the top brass of police were electable, then at least we could get rid of the useless ones. We need to rebalance the entire system and starting with this incredible nonsense called Political Correctness. In Wasting Police Time, PC Copperfield explains thusly (paraphrased).

I walked up to a known drug dealer, asked him “Hi Ray, Got any drugs?” which he replied “no”, I searched him and asked him how his wife and kids were and mentioned that his eldest is about to take his GCSE’s, found nothing, he walked away with a smile and a wave, it was almost “chummy”, friendly.† Now contrast that with the reaction a suspected black car thief gets, it’s similar to: We are searching you with our powers granted by the PACE act 1984, here is a copy of your information, here is a copy of the form I filled out to authorise the stop and search, I am based at Newtown police station, you are required…[Ed. get on with it…}etc.etc.etc. In the end the treatment the ray, the white drug dealer got was completely different from the black car thief, which is not what people intended.

That Sums up completely what is wrong with race relations and the police in this country, they are SCARED of arresting non-whites because then they have to defend themselves against racial allegations.

The NHS? make redundant most of the people who fill in paperwork and let doctors and nurses COMMAND their wards, like the Matron of old, that system worked and worked very well, people seem to think that the idea behind the NHS was a new idea, it was actually nothing new, just a new name for something that already existsed before it, albeit with more resources, wealthy people in the days before the NHS used to pay donations to keep the poor healthy, albeit on a much smaller scale, all Labour did was take the idea and apply it to the entire country and tax everyone to pay for it.

But now, we don’t pay for nurses, we pay for Beaurocrats, I know which type of Beaurocrat I would prefer, one that knows which end of the needle to stick in me, or one who knows how to put plaster casts on broken limbs. If you’re going to employ people to do paperwork, don’t employ someone new, make their existing workers do it, then at least the staff levels don’t increase, not enough time to fill in all the papers AND do your job? ok, reduce the amount of paperwork.

Has anyone considered that most of the paperwork is merely Ass-covering? What is the point of that when there are people waiting outside for 4 hours to see a doctor? Paperwork is coming BEFORE patient care. How did that happen?

Lots of things need to change and we need to start thinking about laws that affect us and laws that do not affect us. just because a law doesnt affect you today, doesnt mean it doesnt affect you tomorrow, stop thinking JUST about yourself, start thinking outside your cosy life and standing up for people who are nothing to do with you, only when will you find the assistance you need when you need it.

To quote a poet who wrote: First they came…

First they came for the Communists,
– but I was not a communist so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists,
– but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Jews,
– but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me

Time to start waking up, time to start helping each other get what we want, maybe this article needs a more solid rewrite, with less ranting and more content, but it’s just something I posted on this afternoon, so I thought I would post it up here and see if anyone agrees with me enough to talk about it (or at least nod sagely)

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