Anti-Kareoke: The Unbelievable things you do when drinking

Hi guys!!!!

So, basically, I went to a friends birthday party and it was kareoke, I decided to sing Nirvana: Smells like teen spirit, which on the face of it, sounded like a great idea!! However, when drunk, lots of things sound like a great idea.

I found the writeup on the anti-kareoke website describing my performance, I hope you enjoy it (Sorry it’s in spanish, use google to translate it)

To explain myself, cause I didnt have much chance, I wasnt actually that drunk, yeah, actually, I was quite drunk, but I could stand up, when I wanted to sing, I knew the words, but standing at the stage, I forgot everything, then had to read the lyrics, but decided that in the face of not remembering the lyrics, I’d just be crazy, so then started to french kiss the baby and the use the guitar as a giant penis.  In fact, whilst I was on stage, I remember reading the lyrics and they were making me laugh, ahahha

then, when I remembered the lyrics, kind of, started to put things on my head and try to dance, when that didnt work, thrusting across the stage SOUNDED like a good idea at the time.

La actuación de un sujeto que atendía al nombre de Christopher y su colega, fue más caótica, aunque tuvo momentos muy cachondos.

(English): The performance of someone whose name is apparently christopher and his mate, was more chaotic, although there where very funny moments.

Kurt probablemente se revolvió en su tumba al escuchar lo que estos tipos hicieron con “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, pero desde luego no dejaron a nadie indiferente.

(English): Kurt would be probably spinning is his grave listening to who has done this to “Smells like teen spirit”, but no doubt, they didn’t left anyone indifferent.

Muy divertido el momento en el que Rachel apareció a medio tema, y utilizó al “guitarrista” como si fuese su potro personal, cabalgando sobre él por el escenario. Al finalizar, Rachel comentó: “Esta ha sido la actuación más alcoholica, cocainómana, heroinómana de la historia de Anti-Karaoke, y esto no es un cumplido. Pero no todo puede ser bueno!”.

(English): A very funny the bit when rachel appeared during the song and started to ride the guitarist as if it was her personal horse, riding on him around the stage. At the end rachel comented: “This has been the most alcoholic, cocainomaniac, and heroinomanic performance of the history of anti-karaoke. This is not a complement. But not everything can be good”

Now THATS A FUCKING PARTY!!!!  Then I go and find more pictures, Rachel, if you’re here, please take a copy of these pictures if you want them.  Thanks for letting me grab part of the page into my blog! MUA!!

AK - Getting Ready
Kiss the baby!!

I hope you had as much fun as I did!!

UPDATE!!!! I found these super awesome pictures on their website!!! HERE WE GO!!!

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