Job Agencies and companies who use them: BURN IN HELL

I found a story on that was interesting to me, it’s here for all of those who want to read it:

here is what I commented

I used to be a temporary worker, in my area, it’s impossible to get a job without going through an agency, almost 90% of everything you find, you have to go to some crap office somewhere and sign up, where are castrate yourself in order to get a crappy 5 quid per hour.

The problem is that the agency charges the company about 2x this amount, I once found a company who are paying 14 quid an hour to employ me, but I was getting only 6 of that.  So basically this agency was getting 8 quid an hour to do what? Nothing really, just “manage” and not even do that much “managing” cause they always seemed to get my wages wrong.

Then when the government looks at this in order to improve my past situation for those unfortunate enough to require that kind of work now, they complain and moan about the extra cost.

ok, you want to complete, here is your solution, stop ripping companies off and start diverting more money to your employees, then they wouldn’t be on 5 pound an hour, would they? and wouldnt need special protection either.

When you are on 5 pound an hour, you can forget saving money, you can forget getting a mortgage, pretty much everything, you just live in your crappy little flat, rented of course, with the measly amount you have left, try to enjoy yourself with your friends down the bar, it’s the least you could do for those 12 hours shifts you have to do in order to make enough money to afford that crappy flat you live in.

Either that, or you live with your parents, like I used to, what choice is there, you have no money, you’re totally screwed and the agency have that lovely barrel for you to go and lie over, oh and if the agency think you are doing a bad job, you’re out, no warning, just a “friendly” phone call, or even better, find the guy you are “training” is actually your replacement because they have “more exciting” opportunity for you, which is actually just the same shit as it was before, just a different colour.

And these are the people who are probably complaining, I say let them all burn in flames, they sometimes have mercedez benz whilst you barely can afford the petrol to put in your 14 year old escort.  Or if they are even more bare faced, will have a posh office, normally in awfully retarded colours that never match, green with purple??? EXCELLANT choice!!! They sit you down in an office built on stealing money by screwing everyone, smile, ask you to fill in the last 4 crap jobs you had and “why you were let go” (read: why did you get sacked from the last job) and then when they are satisfied you have sufficiently been anally raped enough.  Will give you a crappy job cleaning some floor whilst all the other workers can look at you and laugh knowing you are just a sap, the smallest cog in the crappiest engine of the workforce.

You will never escape.

(Or so they thought about me, computers are wonderful things and I will never forget what they did for me and what I have accomplished now and anyone in my same position will get every ounce of help I can give to escape that lousy situation.)


Job Agencies: burn in hell.
Companies who use them: payback time.

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