HTC Hero: Things good and bad.


I got my HTC Hero the other day, I bought it free without a contract because I would have to change to orange, at the same cost price of just buying the device and keeping my superior service at vodafone.


if you are listening, please dont try and tell me I have a choice of two plans, one with unlimited internet, but only free calls during the night, or 100MB of internet a month, but 700 minutes of calls during the day.  This is 2009, we use phones AND internet, DURING the day.  You’re fucking hilariously stupid phone plans cost you a customer the other day, Vodafone, are laughing all the way to the bank.  Even if they are not perfect, they are better than you.

Well.  Anyway, the device itself is great, I love the application selection I can use, lots of tiny apps which dont cost anything (cause most of them are repackaged GPL code from linux), I think the device works really well, I like having multiple screens and the social network interaction is GREAT! No more crappy apps for my crappy nokia N85, which btw, is about 6 months old and fucked, it’s so broken, I havent a clue how to fix it, nor can I take it to nokia, so then they tell me it’s “water damaged” lol.

This list might update over time, I will datestamp each entry, so you know if it’s new or old.


(13/09/2009): Facebook and twitter integration is FANTASTIC, I now dont have to open lots of tiny tools to do the same job, they are built in

(13/09/2009): I can browse facebook albums from my phone, as if they were local albums, this is cool

(13/09/2009): The email application is FAR superior to the nokia messaging app, which never really worked very well, it was ok, but didnt kill me, the hero’s application is great, it displays all my email correctly, it’s fast too.

(13/09/2009): SSH TERMINAL APPLICATION!!! ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG, this is great, because I sometimes need to access these things in order to make some quick fixes whilst I am not near my computer, having this, can sometimes save my day!


(13/09/2009): No bluetooth file transfer, I cannot export the contacts from my macbook agenda into a vcard, then push it to the device, noooo, for some reason they decided to launch a device with no bluetooth file transfer.

(13/09/2009): No contact sync across bluetooth either, nor have I been successful at importing my contacts by putting them onto the sdcard and then using that vcardio tool, it doesnt work, no matter what options I use and what settings I seem to try, vcardio just keeps saying, file not found.


if I think of something else, I will return to say it.  Thanks for coming, have your say on this device below! KTHXBYE

2 thoughts on “HTC Hero: Things good and bad.”

  1. @hempa: yeah, the bluetooth support is crap, there was no prebuiltin support for bluetooth file transfers, I still can’t do it even now.

    the best part is you can install a ROM called villain rom 5.4 and it gives you android 2.1 with the best parts of HTC sense without all the waiting for htc to pull their finger out.

    now that you’ve asked, I havent even tried a bluetooth transfer with the new rom, so I dont even know if it’s fixed now.

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