You want to know why Apple didnt base OSX on top of linux?

Cause it’s a fucking shithole, thats why, it never words, it hasnt got ANY configuration tools, the protocol is a mess, ICCM? Shoot the bastards who wrote that piece of shit, it’s always crashing, the basic gnome desktop? 200MB of working memory, compiz almost always crashes, or eats memory, ubuntu removes functionality without creating any alternatives (therefore leaving you stranded with no way to configure things), fedora is just as bad, the on screen keyboard can’t be used when you are being asked for a password (like on vista where the screen goes black), nautilus (gnome file manager) sometimes just doesnt do what it’s told, or it’s too slow, for some reason, copying 50,000 files from one directory to another requires nautilus to go through a list of 50,000 files before even copying the first one (retarded!), kde is just as bad, it’s slow, eats memory, constantly crashes, lxde? what a piece of shit, I can’t even create links on the taskbar or desktop by default, xfce? can’t use network shares without some convoluted scheme of installing and configuring something called fusesmb, which never works in the first place, can’t even replace thunar with nautilus because it doesnt work (thunar is so awesome btw!!! it has almost no functionality!!! /sarcasm)

Oh please, you say you dont know why people prefer macs over linux? the more I use linux, the more time goes by and the more I expect it’ll get better, but it doesnt, it’s the same pile of shit it was 5 years ago, only now we have pretty buttons and compiz.

whoopy fucking doo, someone tell these fools that nobody gives a fuck and thats why it’ll never be the year of linux

2 thoughts on “You want to know why Apple didnt base OSX on top of linux?”

  1. oh and if any of your enlightenment idiots paste anything about enlightenment, I shall point out that it’s taken rasterman and his asshat about 10 years to create something that doesnt work, is WORSE than gnome in almost everyway, rendering problems galore, crap file manager, crap menu, crap configuration, crap virtual desktop manager and switching, constantly crashes, constantly fails

    I used E when it was 0.15 and 0.16, when I got 0.17 I thought they might have improved, but I remember 10 years ago is was better than it is now, go figure!

    you even believe you’ll capture 1% of the linux desktop share (which is like 1% of the total computer use) you’re having a laugh

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