how to kill your project

I am a follower of the naturaldocs project, it’s great,I love it, the syntax is simple, it can document almost any language, it’s an amazing piece of work.

Unfortunately he seems intent on destroying his user base and making someone else take the glory of pushing his project forward without him…’s his choice. He has decided that the next version of his amazing project will be released in a language most linux users hates: .NET/Mono.

So in one bold move, he plans to make everyone choose to use a different software, but it’s amazing software, I don’t want to change, so I will start a project to rewrite in a language I can use, whilst keeping the same cross platform benefits that greg has so espoused.

Greg, the second you release naturaldocs 2.0, it’ll be amazing, but I can never use it, I hereby promise to open a simultaneous project on sourceforge and rewrite your code in java or python. You remember what happened to TomBoy right?

2 thoughts on “how to kill your project”

  1. The best way to kill a project would be to hire an idiot who can barely type to run it. I’ve got a couple that need to be put down; are you available?

  2. I think it’s probably better you put your projects down than try to complete them, I mean, you’d only fuck it up, putting them down is actually just an act of mercy, I’ve seen spaghetti code nightmares before, more projects like that? I choose death!

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