Jake Blair hits the nail on the head!

Jake Blair wrote: (in the comments section)

How Ironic – so what’s this to be?
A New NEW Labour. What this country needs is somebody with a solid background, a reputable experience, a insider track record, a likable personality, both social & professional integrity, an attitude of long term stability with political cohesion & diversity at its core. Couple that with self-pride & worth, and a humbling attitude to the public who placed him in office. None of this you will get with Labour, or Milliband – the only man on the face of the earth willing to absolutely anything to secure himself a better job. A conniving little two faced, spineless toad. A wimp, a wart on the decency of public office. What’s even more scary is the fact the obvious Labour collective out there (including my constituency), will vote him in. New Labour remember that? Where did that take us.

Face it Labour voters.
Labour have no track record, only bad experience at the helm.
Everything they have touched, suggested, intervened in or ran away from has directly impacted everyone of us in more than one way.
And people still vote Labour……

What a joke this country is.

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