zed shaw: the new coke?

Well, recently I had some fun at the expense of an unemployed(able?) person, I have to admit, it was a wrong thing to do, I don’t know why I did it, oh yeah, actually, I do remember….


thats right, it’s true, you can read it on the interwebs to know it’s true or not, don’t just take my word for it, he is literally talking out of his ass, 24/7 and I actually got onto his blog, I don’t know whats worse, knowing he exists, or knowing that literally thous..tens of people will swamp over my little blog and throw plastic penises at me.

It all started many years ago, when zed committed career suicide, hilarious as it was, it was a good time, a period of happiness for everyone, over the following period of time, I noticed his name again and again, always saying something retarded and very stupid, or at least, repeating something someone else said, but in a stupid manner, therefore making everyone miss the point of what he was actually trying to say and concentrate on his asshole instead.

I am sure that deep down, zed wants to be loved, or at least, he wants to be recognised, we all do.  The problem for zed is that not many people like him and it hurts his options for future happiness.  Normally, I would recognise such a person as a worthy programmer looking for glory, we have to admit it, we all are that person, all the programmers who read this, wants to create something that everyone will look up to and recognise the intelligence held inside the creator and repeat to their friends, creating a world of opportunity for said person.

Now, before we begin, I just wanna point out, that I have no personal beef with zed, it’s his mouth I have beef with, most of what he says is harmless fun and I reckon he’s a megalolcow, I appreciate some of the things he has said, I want to say that now, because I don’t want people to think I’m hating JUST BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO.  I have my reasons and although he’ll act like a bitch the rest of his life and never really understand my point, I have to say it, just because honesty is the best policy.

I also want to point out, that on my blog, freedom of speech is paramount, even if that speech hurts me, if it causes a great deal of hurt, maybe I’ll spam your comment, but I allow you to rant and rage as much as you like.  Unlike zed, who isn’t interested in the opinions of others.

Captura de pantalla 2010-05-18 a las 16.16.08
I like your thinking!!

Perhaps thats the first clue to the puzzle.

He recently ranted a little bit incoherently about my acheivements and said I’m in the bottom 20% blah blah, you can read it here:


basically, he likes to think he’s in the top 1% of the programmer group and I’m in the bottom 20%, his reasoning is because he only found 2 or 3 of my projects that I’ve not had time to fully create and properly structure, therefore, I must be a giant douche bag.

First observation: I am a giant douche 😀 I like it, it’s why I have fun in life and I don’t really care what some balding man with no future says.

so therefore, I decided to break apart again another one of his idiotic ramblings and dissect it online, with the ability to comment back if you disagree, on what I’m about to say.

first up, zed has a short memory

know, you probably read that sentence and thought, “Well shit Zed, that’s what you do asshole.” You’re right, but I restrict my ranty words to assholes I feel are hurting other people, and I can take it as good as I get it.

It seems obvious to most people that zed has a personality which loves himself as well as one whose primary purpose seems to be doing exactly what he says he doesn’t do, although it’s nice to know he can take as much as he gets.  big man.

oh and btw zed, I didnt “attempt” to troll you, I did troll you, the fact that you took the time to make a big deal out of it and post up your puny attempt to get your own back proves that, if I didn’t troll you, if it was water off a ducks back, you’d have just gone back to playing your guitar, right?  But you didn’t, you opened up your blog and fired away.

I would call that a mission successful.

The zed predicts the future.

Then I got bored. I mean, if you’re gonna troll a mother fucker at least do it right. I think I’d rather watch a homeless guy pound a steamer into a San Francisco sidewalk than play troll with a guy who has no grasp of the English language despite probably being British.

hey zed man, do you need some money? I can lend you some because I know you’re down on your luck and nobody really wants to employ you anymore, how does ten bucks sound? I want it back by friday though.  So in a very serious and real way, zed might actually BE THAT HOMELESS GUY pounding a great big steaming pile of turd into the san francisco sidewalk in the near future, I would love to see that btw, could you be such a great guy and whip out the mobile phone, take a video and youtube that fucker for me? could ya? thanks, I’ll give you another ten bucks, for real! shizzle!

Then zed surprises all of us by saying he doesnt know how to use wordpress “His blog barely works.” yeah, nice one mate, I’m sure you can google that one by yourself.

then he mentions an old forgotten project, which I still use, but havent had time to keep up the website, ESFTP, what zed didn’t take time to find out about, was that ESFTP has over 100,000 downloads and even people at AMD are using it (I had a support request with an amd.com email address).

Who uses eclipse? what, you couldn’t go and find that out on the net? millions of people use it you fucking moron.

Why did I create ESFTP? because in eclipse, it wasn’t possible to quickly and easily upload a file to a remote location, you had to navigate through about 10 screens to get to the point of uploading, I wanted to attach it to a shortcut and press three keys to upload a file, thats why people download the plugin, I’ll give you some stats from recent months.

Date (UTC) Rank Total Pages Downloads
7 May 2010 21,292 180 21
16 May 2010 21,191 92 3
15 May 2010 21,496 135 3
14 May 2010 21,422 170 10
13 May 2010 21,637 307 27
12 May 2010 22,210 334 18

So, when people say my shitty project which I created for my own benefit and decided to share in bad shape, with bugs, with errors, without unit tests, I think I am doing quite nicely thank you very much.

Are there any unit tests? nope! you know why, because unit tests are overrated, sure, they are necessary when you are providing a quality product for a client, but when you’re writing code for yourself, they are just wasted time.

He has blog posts bitching about Eclipse, so I’m pretty sure he’s a one trick Java pony

Zed, do you know how many people hit my blog looking for that information, eclipse is complex and sometimes fails, my technical writings about fixing those problems I found whilst using it, are very useful to lots of people, you can just look at the comments on those posts to find people thanking me for saving them serious time.

Even the project he seems to have nailed me on, is an outdated, deprecated project which has no website for a reason, it’s because, it was dropped, but apparently the empty directory is enough to secure my fate, this guy is a fucktard.

Then zed predicts the future again, although, not in the way he would probably appreciate

Reading through his blog you’d think he’s an incredibly good programmer making millions working for someone, and who knows maybe he is making shitloads of money, although I doubt it.

It just so happens, I am signing this week a project that has a projected €40,000 a month value, of which I will retrieve a 25% share of that into my own pocket, after taxes, like I said, if you need to borrow a dollar, I’ll give you one, no problems.  Can you imagine, €10,000 a month, in one year, €120,000.  Thats just my personal take home.  So I suppose you are right, I am, or will be, soon, making shitloads of money.  Well predicted!!!

Then zed is AGAIN showing us his ability to find the truth of the matter

Researching this guy, it got me thinking again about my theory of the internet creating the “rise of the twenty-percenter”.

Yes, you see zed, your theory is right, because, you are an example of it.  This guy is on the money! (although not literally) he’s banging it out left right and center.

As for your theory, I totally agree, I in fact would subscribe to the same view, the internet is full of people who actually can’t create anything, nor know how to create anything, it’s a hard fact of life that most programmers around me, are not competant, a company I used to work for has two of those same people.  I won’t mention the company name because google likes my blog too much and it finds too many things, I dont want to directly insult people.

NOTE: if you’re reading this and used to work with me, I would point out that you don’t actually know whether I’m talking about your company, or another company, so relax, chances are, if you know my blog, you’re NOT in the incompetant group.

I agree totally that the internet is full of morons who can’t code, or convince those around them that they can, I am working on a project now that looks like someone took one of those dumps on the street and pushed it through the CDROM tray of their computer and happened to find it’s way onto the net.

Zed’s main problem: misunderstanding

zed seems to think that I’m attacking his ability to create, whilst I don’t remember once talking about projects he’s been involved in (although on the net there is little evidence of that, perhaps he could clear that up by putting forward the projects he has personally completed), I am not attacking his work, I’m attacking the man, the fact is, that mongrel according to my peers is a great piece of software.  Lamson, whilst I think it’s not a very worthy project, apparently is well regarded, even if it is solving the wrong part of the problem.

No no, all those zed lovers will be happy to know, that technically, I think zed is competant, weird isn’t it and no, this isnt an attempt to say sorry, or kiss ass, I really do think zed is a penis shaped candy, but technically, I think zed has done ok.

The problem comes, is that zed’s brain is often not as quick as his mouth and before zed’s brain can analyse when he’s said, his mouth has already said it and it’s too late, thats why his ghetto rant was removed and replaced with an “almost” apologetically written entry instead, you can find it on the web archive or whatever, but history has shown us that zed can’t live in our world without our help because he has some kind of inability to shut his mouth before he makes everyone around him wonder why they employed the guy in the first place.

Zed’s other main problem: money

This inability to control his mouth led to his other problem, he is complaining that nobody wants to touch him, or employ him and he’s not given the respect he thinks he deserves.

The difference between myself and zed is, I can back up what I say, or at least apologise when I’m wrong, I will point out this blog article I wrote 1 year ago.


in that article, which I will point out that he hasn’t replied to, he completely destroys any stock he had by spouting trash that anyone with a brain can figure out, is rubbish, this is his main problem, he doesn’t understand enough to realise that what he is saying, isnt true, when you point it out, you become one of those assholes he likes to rail against (pun intended!)

fact is, his article which is linked to in my blog article, is full of bullshit, thats why I wrote what I did, because I’m sick of his bullshit spreading through the internet, like some giant plume of oil making ignorant whatever it touches.

So then, when it comes to that interview time, he is offered a junior sysadmin post at google, because thats ultimately what he is worth, he whilst being very technically capable, hasnt the control required to sit at a table with managers and deal, he has to rant, he has to open fire, he has to use that wing chun, because it’s what he is, uncontrollable.

If you’re uncontrollable, you’re usually unemployable.

My Achievements, the ones he missed

because zed’s research either didnt work, or he was too disappointed that I have actually done things, so it would undermine his argument, I will point out what I’ve done, so people can take a look.

Mostly I do webdev, because I like it, I use a designer, we both work together on projects and create really amazing works together.

1) last year, I worked at one of the top hotel reservation platforms on the net, based in barcelona

2) I created a single file implementation of Paypal due to their inability to spend some of those million dollar profits on ACTUAL documentation, or test implementations that don’t look like they hired an idiot to write.  this file install easily into your project, does paypal transactions and has no 500 file framework dependencies.

3) When I was 20-21, I created a plugin based graphics/game engine named fusion, which was about 36,000 lines of code, all C++, with heavy OOP and Dynamic library support. I know my shit.

4) I am, to date, according to my research, the only person on the planet, with a working file progress upload monitor working in pure PHP, without any flash/java/perl supports (I would actually love to hear of another implementation, because it’s strange, in 6 years, nobody has done it, yet when you’re uploading 500MB files, it’s absolutely critical)

5) I have created a widget system for websites, that allows you to split a site up and reuse it’s parts in other projects, along with the support framework that it needs in order to make web development easy and effective

6) I created ESFTP, which has I think over 100,000 downloads, even if you hate eclipse, or don’t see the point, or lament that it has no unit tests, I wrote it for myself and people at AMD have contacted me about using it, so I must be doing something right.

7) I am the manager of about 20 websites on the net, if you can’t find what those websites are, consider yourself one of the bottom 20%, I hope nobody reading this is one of those people

8) The reason I don’t update my websites so much and there are broken links, is easy to understand, I have too much work, I never have time to find everything and somethings lapse into obscurity, it’s a failure of mine, I work too much, live too little.

I can go on, but I won’t, zed either didn’t find out these things, or didn’t know where to look, I guess some people talk about the 20%, without realising, perhaps they are one of those people.  What is the old saying?

If you’re playing poker and you don’t know whose losing: it’s you.

46 thoughts on “zed shaw: the new coke?”

  1. @durr, I have a zip file if you want it, you basically install a db table to store the stat data and then you put some files and a .htaccess file, then with some small modifications that I’m trying to make smaller, you’ve got something that nobody on the net has got.

  2. aww man, are you serious? this is the best fun I had in months and you just slap me down like that? bah, I’m not your friend now!!

  3. @andre I fully support your opinion, I knew that zed admirers would turn up here and start saying this or that, if people don’t want to read, they’ll never know the full story, it’s as simple as that, if people want to only understand what they are told and not find out for themselves, I can’t help those people.

    but I dont think that’ll happen, so I think I’m safe.

  4. Holy fucking shit, and i thought Zed douche has an ego of epic proportions, but you, Sir beat him by miles. A fucking noone trying to desperately gain attention by flinging shit at a guy already ears-deep in shit? Welcome to chris-alex-thomas.com !

    I mean, your achievements are *truely* amazing, just take a look:

    > 1) last year, I worked at one of the top hotel reservation platforms on the net, based in barcelona

    *yawn*. Every webdeveloper i know has something comparable in portfolio.

    > 2) I created a single file implementation of Paypal

    *yaawn*, again.

    > When I was 20-21, I created a plugin based graphics/game engine named fusion, which was about 36,000 lines of code, all C++, with heavy OOP and Dynamic library support. I know my shit.

    If you are boasting using DYNAMIC LIBRARIES (LIKE OMG) and “heavy OOP” (whatever the fuck that means, dumbfuck) you clearly don’t have anything better in that engine of yours to boast about. What’s the renderer like? Is it threaded? Networking? are there any AI facilities for actors? The list goes on and on, and all you can muster is:

    > I am, to date, according to my research, the only person on the planet, with a working file progress upload monitor working in pure PHP

    Being a C++ guy mostly, i asked my PHP friend; his response:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA what a fucking douchebag

    > I have created a widget system for websites, that allows you to split a site up and reuse it’s parts in other projects

    Not commenting on that, since i dont do webdev.

    > I created ESFTP, which has I think over 100,000 downloads
    FINALLY something really impressive.

    > I am the manager of about 20 websites on the net, if you can’t find what those websites are, consider yourself one of the bottom 20%

    Huh? You’re a fucking noone. But at least you have an ego that will maybe help you make it above bottom 20% – just look at Ulrich Drepper, he’s a douche but his douchiness boosted his career. I see likewise potential in you.

    So, to some extent Zed was right, you are an average coder who wrote a good eclipse plugin (i don’t consider lack of unit testing a bad thing), that’s it. I seriously hope this flame was just a publicity stunt.

    Oooh, and the money thing. I don’t know why you are thinnking that whatever amount of cash you make makes you a better man.
    Man makes money, money doesn’t make a man. Man the fuck up and stop thinking with euros. I know bums that are more literate and polite than you.

  5. @luc

    thanks for reading and I hope you don’t mind some replies, there is nothing really abrasive here…

    1) so then I basically go from being a no-one to being the same as everyone, already I’ve been elevated past the 50% barrier without doing anything.

    2) it’s very yawn and I totally agree, but what surprised me so much is that all the systems I found required I install a framework, or library, with about a shit load of files, I found that it was all bullshit, created a single php class object that did what everyone else did with so much more, it’s very yawn, but why hasn’t someone done this before????

    3) ok, it has a multithreaded network stack, opengl renderer, lightwave LWO, 3DS object support, could load textures from TIFF, JPG, PNG formats, integrated SDL for input and sound. The typical stuff a games engine from the year 2000 had, not professional, but in building it, you learn a lot about programming that other types of programming don’t teach you. Especially in the area of tradeoff’s and compromises.

    One of the toys I built with it was a robotwars like game where you could try to program your own AI and plug it into the game to run a content to see which AI won. So, it was more than just dynamic libraries, I think you are getting a little too excited. I was trying to be short and not explain everything with 10 paragraphs

    4) upload progress monitor, please ask your friend who else has done this? and why it is so douchy, I have done something that up to now, nobody else has done, I am not sure why that makes it douchy, I would say it means I have technical ability to figure out something nobody else has. Do you think your friend could do that? if so, please provide some urls

    5) on widgets for websites, you remember or know squarespace? where people could use a live in-website development environment, it gives you a reference point to know which direction I’m heading and which kind of territory I am in. being able to do what I’ve done, is a heavy part of that process. so the end game would be an in-website developer tool where you could drag and drop widgets from a shelf and edit the website in situ.

    6) thanks, esftp is buggy and has no unit tests, but considering those points, I still get quite a few people interested in it, the reason it’s buggy is because I never have enough time to sit down and fix it, but that doesnt stop the downloads from racking up each month.

    7) my comment didn’t mean, I’m so amazing, because I’m the manager or about 20 websites, it means, that if you are unable to find those websites, you really suck, I mean, it takes very little effort to find out information about me, I searched and found much more than zed found. zed made the classic error of trying to redirect focus onto something insignificant to make his point. if you search my email address, you’ll find that it’s very easy to know who I am, yet zed, failed so badly to find even basic information, he found almost nothing and I hope he is hiding the truth, because I don’t really want to believe that someone as technically competant as zed, could really fail so badly at something like google search.

    as for what zed said, I don’t think I’m an average coder, I think above average and when I compare myself to my peers in barcelona, I find very little who can sit beside me and say they know what I know, but that doesn’t mean I’m the best either, I’m not, there are some people who are much better and have a much broader streak than I do. if you consider the average coder a 50% mark and an amazing coder at 90%, I’m about an 80%, I know you might think thats me jerking off, but I laugh at some of the projects I take over, how did that guy even get the contract, I have no idea, but it takes me to clean it up and ship it out.

    Does that make me a self-loving douche bag, I have an ego yes, I am abrasive yes, but I also know my failings and I reckon that on the big scale of things, I’m not so bad.

    about the money thing, people who say that money isnt a defining example of success are usually those who never had a chance to obtain it or who have it but want that they keep it for themselves. Success is measured by money, take it or leave it, if you’re a poor man, sitting on the sidewalk, you’re not a success, if you have a cool million sitting in the bank, you can say you’re a success and back it up, people who say otherwise, are the same kind of people who say that winning is not important, it’s the taking part that counts.

    These people are the douchebags, because they convince you to lose focus on the real goal, with money, you can have happiness by concentrating on having a nice easy life, without money, you have the concentrate on where to get money to pay the rent, where to find money for the taxi, your easy life, is a lot harder. But it’s important to not become obsessed, but don’t try to tell me that someone with 2,000 euros in the bank and working 12+ hours a day to keep his flat, is having a nice life, because I have been that person and I say it’s bullshit, I can back that up with personal experience too.

    Thanks for the comments luc, it was great to hear from you. I hope you come back.

  6. @luc I moderate the blog because I get about 2000 spams a day, I approve every comment that comes from a real person.

    I thought this was pretty much standard behaviour on the net nowadays? but perhaps you’re not a blogger?

  7. @luc something that also came to mind is that at least I allow critisism of myself on my own blog, unlike the guy who you are apparently defending, has no time to listen to anyone but himself.

    that in my book automatically give me brownie points, whether you like me or not.

  8. I looked through the spam and it wasn’t there, probably your mobile didn’t post it, happens to me sometimes, just a question, are you ajean the SAP programmer? The same person?

  9. It is definitely my mobile that lost that stuff, i didnt accuse you of anything. No, i am not ajean, just an outside guy tired with this flaming shit.

    Makes me sick to rewrite it all, but well:

    1. You didn’t elevate past 50%, but you managed to do something – create negative buzz around yourself. Your response to my comment is written way better than your twits (or whatever are they called), or that flame above. It is sad actually, considering that writing that comment i was expecting a dimwit dumbfuck from twitter, but got a reply from a balanced and well-behaved guy. Now imagine how many people are gonna see your twits and those blogposts and coin an opinion about yourself based on that – for me it’d be proffesionall suicide to sound my thoughts the way you did. Keep in mind that not everyone will try to talk with you way i did – they will just label you as a douche and move on.

    2. I bet someone did. There are many companies with so much cool in-house stuff it hurts to not see it shared. It’s yaawn because it’s just our job, one guy would integrate paypal with default package, another writes own classes, nothing out of ordinary, really. I see no reason to brag about doing your job.

    3. One extra sentence, and you’re not sounding like 12 year old that just discovered Visual Studio. The “dynamic library and oop” stuff was just ridiculous. If you are trying to brag, do it right.

    4. I will ask him when i get hold of him. Douche comment was added by me – if you claim you are only one on the planet to do something, you better get ready to hold your ground cause you will receive ridicule. Lots of it. World is a big place full of people much smarter than us, i bet that somewhere a coder with a less ego did whatever we deem to be “only one to do”, and just chose not to brag at all.

    5. I never touched webdev (I am a c/c++ guy currently writing drivers), so i believe what you say on that matter as if you were the pope.

    6. I wrote lots of bad code that gets around half a thousand downloads a day or so – i know the feeling of not having time to fix bugs perfectly. It sucks, but one can hope it gets picked up and improve, i love open source for that.

    7. The way i see it is: You jumped on Zed, who is a coder. He doesnt really care wether you are a great webdev or not, he valued you using skills you both share, and frankly, it seems he won that one. Of course i am not cheering for him, but it sounds like he wanted to comment on the things he is competent on – and he did. I am not defending him though, i just replied to your ridiculous attempt at flaming someone you don’t know. Zed maybe is a douche, but his first popular rant (Rails Ghetto) was about people he personally knew OR worked with for lots of time. You just flame him out of the blue, not even knowing him.

    On your further points:
    I also used to think about myself “above average”, that is, until i made new connections with people that are well above me. The fact you are best of your friends/colleagues just means you need to meet new people who will give you reasons to start learning new exciting things. Ego is programmers enemy, it makes you lazy and think there’s nothing new to learn, which is always false.

    The money and success – from where i come from (you can check by ip, rest of the readers dont need to know that) it is lowest denominator of a man to brag about how much he makes.
    Belittling someone other for making less is only thing lower. Money as a success indicator? It makes sense, but you are too obsesed with money, as far as i see.

  10. hi luc,

    the reason that I’m sounding a reasonable guy with you is, I don’t have a problem with you. between you and me, there is no beef, no problems, no nothing, if you met me in the street, you’d probably have no problem at all. even beer 😀

    I realise who I think you are now, Luc Verhaegen perhaps? you made a reference to Ulrich Drepper who I know is one of the lead people behind glibc, so I figured it was to do with linux, then a quick search I found a luc doing something with mesa and device drivers. I really admire your work on the mesa stack, I am not sure why it took so long for them to modularise the codebase, but I’m glad it got done at the end (although I really hope you’re that guy, cause otherwise, I just thanked you for something someone else did !! heh)

    the reason for attacking zed is that he’s constantly blasting out things and the problem is that sometimes he really fucks it up, he tried for example, to explain why he wants to GPL his code, to get recognition. I mean, what? if nobody is there to balance out his bullshit with truth (which you can read and verify yourself) then his bullshit becomes the truth, hence my reasoning about attacking him a little, keep him on his toes.

    ok, recap in two sentences, with the GPL, you don’t get recognition rights, ask yourself this, how can a coder, who professes to be so amazing, not know that? and then claim, he knows his shit?

    and thats the reason why I think he’s full of shit, he claims to know so much, but when you read, it’s all generic, bog standard, run of the mill stuff.

    I don’t think I managed to create a negative buzz because ultimately, it’s only negative if it causes you some damage in some way, which this blog post and all the comments afterwards, will not cause, I’ll go about my day, I’ll have a great time and nobody will care, so I dont think it’ll cause me any negative buzz, although it might pull a few zedtards out of the woodwork

    about the rest of the stuff, I pretty much agree, but if you want to call achievements something you’ve done, which puts you on par, or above those around you, all I can do is list what I have done that I think are unqiue above others, right? I didn’t mention that I wrote the game engine in STL, because I think everyone might say they’ve done the same thing.

    about the money thing, err, zed is basically always going on about how nobody will touch him or employ him now and it’s all his own stupid fault, again, his mouth is faster than his brain and it’s just a nice way to point out that and know you’re getting through (even if he doesn’t say so).

    But that said, I do believe that if you are living life counting the money in your pocket, then you can’t be called truely successful, you’re doing _ok_ or maybe good, but if going to the restaurant causes you to do some quick mental mathematics, then surely, you havent reached the sweet spot yet. So whilst you are right, money doesnt make the man, money does allow the man to do things and without money, you don’t do so many things, you actually end up having your life run by money (moneys says you can’t goto the cinema, money says eating at a restaurant tonight is impossible). So having enough money actually frees you from thinking about money, ironic I suppose. the only reason I put the comment about my latest project and how much I expect to earn is, zed joked about how much I might earn, so I decided to put the cards on the table, more than you zed.

    so I just prod zed on this because it’s funny (to me).

    you know the ultimate reason I prod zed is not because of his technical achievements, it’s because he is periodically saying things (or I find things) which any moron with a brain can figure out is either untrue, stupid, or likewise, I’m sure that this amount of time is about 5% of his actual output, but because he is so high profile, that 5% spreads everywhere. If you are high profile, saying stupid shit is actually not just bad, but really silly, if you’re high profile, you’d better know what you’re talking about, his essay on why I A/L/GPL was just bullshit, so I pulled him on it.

    I actually think that when zed keeps his mouth shut, he’s probably doing a very good job 😀 thats the irony, whilst I berate him for saying silly things, I actually admire some of the other things he’s done. I’ve never said otherwise.

    thats about the crux of it. thanks luc, it’s nice to talk with you.

  11. Nope, i am not famous nor mr Luc Verhaegen – if being a good coder is what constitutes for fame. But it is a funny coincidence, i admit.

    Who i am is not really important i think, for most of all i contribute anonymously or under nicknames. I am a guy that is fed up with all the flamewars between programmers, this is not helping the scene, not at all. Programming is not highschool people, code is what counts.

    It’s been nice talking with you, i just hope you can discuss on same level with people you don’t like too – it is a skill that was hardest for me to learn.

    ps. start with Zed

  12. :( twice in a row, hehe

    you’re right, but I think in the case of zed, maybe I’ll keep prodding him a little, but you are right, I should leave him alone, I just find it so dammed funny, especially when I hit the jackpot button and he responds. you can tell he reads things and takes it in, even if he doesnt say so explicitly, you can tell by the things he says.

    anyway, I’ll think about it 😀

    nice talking to you!

  13. Nice try. You have written some decent code (taking your word for it), but your writing sucks, which is a prerequisite to be a “1%” flamer.

    Your reading comprehension isn’t that great either. Zed was putting you in the *top* 20%, not the bottom.

    Anyway, I see what you’re doing, and admire the attempt, but don’t quit your day job…

    — Chad

    P.S. Luc is right, money doesn’t mean shit other than to provide for yourself and those you love. You just look stupid and immature if you brag about how much you make or how little others make.

  14. well chad, thanks for the nice comments, my writing does suck by the way, thats why I’m a programmer and not a journalist.

    top or bottom, it’s all the same, zed likes to think he’s in the top 1%, I wouldn’t go as far to claim such a prize knowing the world is full of people much better than myself, but thats zed.

    quit my day job? the great thing about a blog, is you don’t have to!! :)

    about money? it’s my blog, I’ll be as stupid and immature as I want to be thanks all the same!

    but it’s been nice to joust with you 😀 hope to see you about on the web, ciao!!

  15. People that need to talk about how much money they make are always poor people.
    You can be in favor or against Zed, talk bad about his persona, or whatever.
    But your attempt to discredit him was shaded by your lousy spelling and your extreme focus on how much more money than somebody else you are making, like if that is a really important thing.
    In the end what matters is the legacy you leave, and yours seems to be really poor.

  16. I’m not trying to discredit him, just humiliate him a bit, I succeeded, he retaliated (badly).

    I focus on money because of his constant droning on about how nobody will touch him, or employ him, so he is all poor, boo hoo. it’s an easy way to get to zed because it hurts his feelings, which is what I am trying to do, I couldn’t care less about discrediting him, thats not my aim, I just want him to shut up, I am constantly running into his tidbits commenting around the web and I’m almost constantly facepalming.

    then you realise, if zed was REALLY that good, why isn’t he full of money? could it be that he is just another programmer, one of thousands you can find with little effort? if you are successful, you will find riches, they are one and together the same thing. if you are doing “ok” you will be in the group that 90% of all programmers are in, you get by, you have a nice time, but you need to constantly push to get that next wage packet to pay your flat.

    lets sum up, what is zed known for? mongrel, lamson, fret war and being a giant pain in the ass. what else? I can’t see any websites he has written apart from his blog, and a couple of little ones. nothing spectacular.

    if thats what he’s known for, I think I’ll be leaving a much larger legacy already. If you want to know what that is, I suggest you search and you will find it.

  17. If he is an asshole as you say he is, how come you “lose time” comparing yourself to him?
    I still do not understand your need to compare yourself to anybody much less to him, and much much less using the “how much you make” as measure of success.
    If you read his rant “You Shall Know The 20% By Their Lack Of Works” he does not compare himself to you, because in his mind (according to his rant) you are sub-par, so he does not even bother.
    You should use your time for something you have talent, rants is not your strong side.

    Have a good life :)

  18. sure, I understand your main point and I agree, but when I have free time, I use it for things that I find interesting, funny, or whatever, tweaking zed nipples is one of those things.

    I dont actually do it on a daily basis, maybe thats the impression you have, but if you read all the history about it, you’ll find I only wrote one or two things in the last year.

    the reason is that zed talks, says something stupid, facepalms all around and I get truly annoyed that I want to reply, it is really what I said, people look up to zed, people listen to him, at least a lot of people used to, if you read the other part of his blogs, where he talks just about technology, he is actually right, his rants on python, bang on the money. his article on the A/L/GPL, completely worthless.

    if someone DIDNT balance that crap with an analysis of why it’s wrong (I get quite a few hits on the A/L/GPL article) then perhaps people would just believe whatever “steamer” came out of zeds mouth next. So I believe it’s a public service to correct his bullshit.

    about comparing, I think you’ve made a mistake, whilst I don’t think it’s anything bad, if you read his 20% article, you say it’s not comparing himself to me, but the entire article is about me, I am part of the 20% group he is talking about, he says how worthless they are and indirectly talks down to that group, because obviously he is in the top 1% if he didn’t truly believe that, why would he write it? why would he say there is a 1% and 20% and the 20% feel the need to attack the 1% (I attacked him, so I am the 20, he is the 1). he truly believes he is in the top 1% of programmers on the net. All because he wrong mongrel web server, ruby apps (which I can’t find anything public on btw) and a email server called lamson. not even I believe I’m that good. whilst I have achievements that help me win projects and ultimately resources to enjoy like, I don’t believe I’m the uber-god-of-coding.

    anyway, it’s all old news now, so last week, thanks sebastian for dropping by and NOT taking sides, whilst the original article is a rant, my comments are not designed to be, it’s like what I said to luc, I’m a nice guy in real life, just when people piss you off, the hulk comes out 😀 gRRRRRRR! ehehe

    enjoy your week!

  19. So basically you are saying that you are the hero that balances the crap of the world. It’s fine, we are entitled to our own messiah complex.

    Funny you state you don’t have time to “fix” or add tests to your ESFTP project but then you go on saying that “when I have free time, I use it for things that I find interesting”, it’s kind of sad you don’t find your project interesting any more.

    BTW, I agree that he is way off by saying eclipse is not used or whatever, I work in the java side of IT so I know.

    In regards to the comparison, see that is where you are really mistaken, and that is the beauty of rhetoric, as long as he does not say it, it’s all on your side to assume he situates himself in the top 1%

    On thing that you can do, if you think you are up to it is send an email with your rant to post@oppugn.us then you will be able to prove your point on a fair field (and YES I want to see blood running).

    I am pretty sure he will post it.

  20. i agree for the most part, but i’d put it this way: zed, do you share your nice income with the garbage man or the cable guy? because without their services your lifestyle would not be possible, right? no you don’t, you just give the minimum required by law, you prefer to be greedy and spend on selfish things like guitars and personal blogs. so why should the rails’ big shots share their wealth with the factory-hand (you) if they don’t need to?

  21. @sebastian, no of course not, I am no messiah and I have no interest in most people who visit my blog, just that I feel the world is harmed by his bullshit, so I put up my own version of events and people can take their own side which one they want to believe

    as for fixing ESFTP, the reason I suppose is the amount of time it takes to get back started with it, also, I will decide what I spend my time on, not you, nor anyone else, if I want to spend it urinating off the balcony eating M&M’s thats an issue between me and the police. Why don’t I spend it on ESFTP? because I work so many hours at the end, when I have free time, I want to do something OTHER than coding, I am in the process of making a design agency in barcelona and to do that, I am pulling all the hours I can stay awake to do projects, get clients, make a name, etc, after that, you don’t want to do more coding, ESFTP or not.

    a friend of mine once tried to get me into java applications, as a career, but I found it kinda like a sweatshop and at the end, you can’t really be recognised for what you’ve done, apart from a CV point, care to counter that pov? go ahead, it’s just my opinion from looking at the field, it’s like, you’re a cog in the machine and cogs aren’t worth much, cause you can replace them so quickly, I found it so intense, but at the same time, you didnt get compensated a lot for that stress, perhaps it’s just me, that I analysed it wrong.

    if zed can’t explain himself that a normal person can understand him, then nobody can be blamed for taking their own pov about it. does he have aspergers syndrome or something?

    I did send a short email, nothing major, I said to post it attached, but funnily enough, it got lost in the post. weird that, I thought email was reliable these days.

  22. @bruno, erm, you mean chris? or zed? I am not totally sure I understand you…ok, but I’ll explain my pov, when I get paid for a project, it’s usually 50/50 with the guy I work with, and a project I have now is worth a huge amount of money, so I offered the guy a 10% stake in the design company I am creating, he gets 10% of everything I earn, now, I get the other 90% profit, why? because I take all the risk and I pay for everything, so 90% is really more like 60-70% after everything has been paid for.

    but I think 10% is a good figure, because the project I have in front of me is worth about 20,000 euros a month, and we only work for the first month and perhaps a few hours here, few hours there, so for the first month, he’ll work normally, get 2,000 euros, but the next month, he’ll work 0-2 hours and get 2,000 euros for it.

    try getting paid that in another company!!

    after that, if we get a couple more projects during each following month, it’s like another 1,000 euros per project for my designer, so he has the opportunity to earn about 4,000 euros a month, most designers will never touch that amount and the clients we have, can open doors, so he has the chance to create his own studio, we cooperate together and really both be happy.

    is it fair? because in that project, I’ll take 14,000 (70%) and he’ll only take 2,000, no, it’s not fair, but I take all the legal risk, etc, he can walk away any time he wants, I can’t. but at the end, it’s whether it makes him wealthy or not, he certainly isnt the factory hand and certainly he isnt paid the legal minimum.

    yesterday I fought to pay someone 2,500 euros for a design, where my partner wanted to pay only 1,500 euros, why? because I think it’s not fair to get paid so little.

    that the way I work, I think it’s better you reward those who make you rich(er)

  23. I do not work as a programmer, much less as a java programmer, most programmers I have known are just tools.
    But there are interesting projects in the java industry, that is, there are many projects in which you just cannot be a “tool” (i.e. hibernate(developing hibernate, not using it), different frameworks, etc)

    In regards to what do you do with your free time I do not care what you do, was just an observation.


  24. I think you’re right, programmers are seen as tools, some of them are, but some of them create really beautiful code that in my opinion, is like a work of art, being that art is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps you don’t appreciate it, but I might.

    the problem with that is the people with the money, are usually the ones who don’t appreciate “art” in the same way programmers do, so they usually can’t understand why you are so valuable, actually, ironic as it may be, in zed’s the acl is dead video, he mentions this very same fact.

  25. lol, i meant zed. it is because zed likes to attack those above him but in the end fails to realize that he is very far from the bottom of the social pyramid and therefore also exploits a lot of people in order to keep his lifestyle.

  26. “programmers are seen as tools”

    you got me wrong.
    I mean tools as in “morons”, people without skills.

    Examples are, do not understand SCM (Subversion, let alone git or something with a little bit more complexity), just blindly copy paste code without really understanding what they are doing, are web developers but barely understand HTTP and have really little grasp of tcp/ip. Do not understand database normalization.

    Things that are really BASIC.

    There are exceptions of course, but in my experience they either are complete morons or just don’t care.

  27. I agree with you mostly sebastian, there are a lot of programmers who are “tools” and I think barcelona has quite a few of those, I run into their projects from time to time and wonder how the fuck they got hired. I knew a programmer who thought the only important factor of a project was the time it was completed in, you can imagine the unintelligible mess he created that took 6 months to do a rewrite that should never have been needed. Whereas my code I wrote hasn’t changed in 8 months since I left because it was written properly in the first place.

    for SCM I would say that it’s basic knowledge to know this, however it’s not necessary that they know everything about SCM, some topics are just too complex to understand without actual practice and I myself don’t know fully the GIT protocol, I know what I need to do my work, when I need to know more, I’ll learn more. This is the way almost all programmers do it, I don’t know many programmers in barcelona who say they sit before bed reading the GIT manual 😀

    about HTTP or TCP/IP, I would say that if a web developer needs to know anything about those, there is something wrong, it’s always nice to know something about them, but if it’s absolutely required, then the system administrator, or the system they are working on, just isnt setup right, I know plenty about them, but I don’t use any of that knowledge in my current projects. Thats the way it should be in my opinion.

    thanks sebastian!

  28. I am not talking hardcore SCM protocol knowledge, I am talking basic usage.

    As for http or tcp/ip you would be surprised how many developers don’t understand how http or tcp/ip work, and again, I am not talking a specific implementation or technical details of A vs B, I am talking basic understanding.

    If you do know http or tcp/ip you ARE using it, there is no way that could avoid using something you do know already, that is just simply how the brain works you use always everything you learned.

    And there are things that you NEED to know.

    If you are doing system programming you need to know about the architecture of the platform you are using, and you have to have (at least) basic knowledge on generic computer architecture too.
    If you are doing web development, how do you troubleshoot if you do not know http, most developers would say “I use X tool” but tools can only give you so much info.

  29. Zed comes at face value: abrasive, honest, polarizing, intelligent, borderline antisocial.

    You response reeks of insecurity: my contract for $10,000 euros blah blah blah I stopped reading and almost puked.

  30. hey kevin,

    it’s hard to read sometimes I suppose, but what you’re missing is CONFIDENCE and the huge amount I have of it. I suppose to the lower qualified it comes across as insecurity, but once you’ve got past yourself it’s not hard to realise.

    I’d hand you a tissue, but you probably would use it for something else.

    thanks for trying (MEGALOL!!)

  31. After reading Zed’s rant, I just had to skip on over here and see how you dealt with it. Listen, do yourself a favor. Delete this entire post and ignore Zed. No one reading this post or the comments will see you in favorable light. They’ll just see you exactly as Zed described you. The more you pull and stretch your cock, the more obvious it is that Zed’s got you beat. In every dimension.

  32. I’m not going to delete anything just because of the few words from a zed fan, do yourself a favour and don’t reply to this comment, that might be more appropriate.

    listen, logic, reason, confidence and insanity rule here mate, if you’ve not got the balls to deal with the real world, why don’t you fuck off to somewhere else?

    zed has got me beat? I would love to hear your “analysis” although I think it might be as idiotic as your post 😀 favourable light? like I give a shit, you think I write this so people can nod their heads and agree with me, I’ll put my dick in your trouser pocker and urinate on your shoes; smiling as I do it, I don’t give a flying fuck what you or you zed fans think, you’re as stupid as your idol.

    although!! that said, it was nice to hear from you, thanks for dropping by gavin!

  33. Ha, this made me lol:

    >>> luc: “World is a big place full of people much smarter than us, i bet that somewhere a coder with a less ego did whatever we deem to be “only one to do”, and just chose not to brag at all.”

    I recently contributed Log4r’s Chainsaw integration, despite people needing this since mid 2006 (over 4 years now!). There’s always someone behind the invention of any given thing – there’s nothing arrogant about mentioning that you’re that person.


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