Rolling Democracy

to be fully honest, I think that we could do better than all of the current parties by removing the “party” system and moving to a “slot”

instead of one group against another, why not “positions” or “slots” which are filled by the candidates of which we choose.

the foreign secretary could be filled by whoever we as a country believe is best for the job, the economic secretary, the same way, all the way down to who runs the local council rubbish collection dept.

a lot of work? with all the technology around us, it’s a piece of cake, dont let anybody tell you otherwise, they just dont want it because it would mean we actually get the right to choose…shock horror!! the people get to decide??? but they are all incompetant morons aren’t they????

the fact is, we need more accountability and what better way is there than a system where it doesn’t matter who your party is, just whether we agree that person should fill the slot or not.

hate the current economic minister? gather a vote of no confidence of 40% of the country and we will replace him with another candidate.  Perhaps 40% is not enough, perhaps needs to be higher to allow people to do a job for more than a week without getting kicked out, cause then the country would be worse off.

I think this kind of rolling democracy is the way to go, it’s the only way to destroy the current system and build up a better system that would allow us as citizens of our country to actually return to running the country, instead of somebody else doing it for us.

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  1. beautiful the idea of democracy is however the elites that are ruling us will never allow it so they can keep their comfort and privileges. maintaining the illusion of democracy is much easier and fun!

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