British Scientists claim: There is no G-Spot

Hey guys,

over at the times, there is an article about some british scientists who can’t find the G-Spot, so basically summarise that it doesn’t exist!

So basically, let me get this straight, some scientist with very little sexual experience can’t find the G-Spot and therefore says it doesn’t exist to make him NOT look sexually inadequate?!?!?!

I found it, more than once, if you can’t find it, the reason is NOT because it doesn’t exist, it’s because


how to kill your project

I am a follower of the naturaldocs project, it’s great,I love it, the syntax is simple, it can document almost any language, it’s an amazing piece of work.

Unfortunately he seems intent on destroying his user base and making someone else take the glory of pushing his project forward without him…’s his choice. He has decided that the next version of his amazing project will be released in a language most linux users hates: .NET/Mono.

So in one bold move, he plans to make everyone choose to use a different software, but it’s amazing software, I don’t want to change, so I will start a project to rewrite in a language I can use, whilst keeping the same cross platform benefits that greg has so espoused.

Greg, the second you release naturaldocs 2.0, it’ll be amazing, but I can never use it, I hereby promise to open a simultaneous project on sourceforge and rewrite your code in java or python. You remember what happened to TomBoy right?

You want to know why Apple didnt base OSX on top of linux?

Cause it’s a fucking shithole, thats why, it never words, it hasnt got ANY configuration tools, the protocol is a mess, ICCM? Shoot the bastards who wrote that piece of shit, it’s always crashing, the basic gnome desktop? 200MB of working memory, compiz almost always crashes, or eats memory, ubuntu removes functionality without creating any alternatives (therefore leaving you stranded with no way to configure things), fedora is just as bad, the on screen keyboard can’t be used when you are being asked for a password (like on vista where the screen goes black), nautilus (gnome file manager) sometimes just doesnt do what it’s told, or it’s too slow, for some reason, copying 50,000 files from one directory to another requires nautilus to go through a list of 50,000 files before even copying the first one (retarded!), kde is just as bad, it’s slow, eats memory, constantly crashes, lxde? what a piece of shit, I can’t even create links on the taskbar or desktop by default, xfce? can’t use network shares without some convoluted scheme of installing and configuring something called fusesmb, which never works in the first place, can’t even replace thunar with nautilus because it doesnt work (thunar is so awesome btw!!! it has almost no functionality!!! /sarcasm)

Oh please, you say you dont know why people prefer macs over linux? the more I use linux, the more time goes by and the more I expect it’ll get better, but it doesnt, it’s the same pile of shit it was 5 years ago, only now we have pretty buttons and compiz.

whoopy fucking doo, someone tell these fools that nobody gives a fuck and thats why it’ll never be the year of linux

HTC Hero: Things good and bad.


I got my HTC Hero the other day, I bought it free without a contract because I would have to change to orange, at the same cost price of just buying the device and keeping my superior service at vodafone.


if you are listening, please dont try and tell me I have a choice of two plans, one with unlimited internet, but only free calls during the night, or 100MB of internet a month, but 700 minutes of calls during the day.  This is 2009, we use phones AND internet, DURING the day.  You’re fucking hilariously stupid phone plans cost you a customer the other day, Vodafone, are laughing all the way to the bank.  Even if they are not perfect, they are better than you.

Well.  Anyway, the device itself is great, I love the application selection I can use, lots of tiny apps which dont cost anything (cause most of them are repackaged GPL code from linux), I think the device works really well, I like having multiple screens and the social network interaction is GREAT! No more crappy apps for my crappy nokia N85, which btw, is about 6 months old and fucked, it’s so broken, I havent a clue how to fix it, nor can I take it to nokia, so then they tell me it’s “water damaged” lol.

This list might update over time, I will datestamp each entry, so you know if it’s new or old.


(13/09/2009): Facebook and twitter integration is FANTASTIC, I now dont have to open lots of tiny tools to do the same job, they are built in

(13/09/2009): I can browse facebook albums from my phone, as if they were local albums, this is cool

(13/09/2009): The email application is FAR superior to the nokia messaging app, which never really worked very well, it was ok, but didnt kill me, the hero’s application is great, it displays all my email correctly, it’s fast too.

(13/09/2009): SSH TERMINAL APPLICATION!!! ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG, this is great, because I sometimes need to access these things in order to make some quick fixes whilst I am not near my computer, having this, can sometimes save my day!


(13/09/2009): No bluetooth file transfer, I cannot export the contacts from my macbook agenda into a vcard, then push it to the device, noooo, for some reason they decided to launch a device with no bluetooth file transfer.

(13/09/2009): No contact sync across bluetooth either, nor have I been successful at importing my contacts by putting them onto the sdcard and then using that vcardio tool, it doesnt work, no matter what options I use and what settings I seem to try, vcardio just keeps saying, file not found.


if I think of something else, I will return to say it.  Thanks for coming, have your say on this device below! KTHXBYE

Mastercard’s securecode is more like retardcode

It must be my lucky day.  I wanted to buy a great piece of software called “Remote Buddy” which lets me use my Wiimotes as a remote control for my Mac when it’s plugged into the tv to play movies, it’s very handy for lazy internet browsing, you can find the software here:

It’s fantastic and well worth the 20 euros is costs to buy, you can configure all sorts of functionalities.

Anyway, I couldn’t buy it because MasterCard, before buying something, requires you to enter a password setup with your bank that authenticates you are who you say you are, which is a great idea, except the programmers they hired to write the website, obviously were descended from monkeys.  Which might be seen as a insult to our monkey friends.

The reason is quite simple, at my online banking, I can access the system and set the password, so I went there and entered my super secret password.  So I entered it, went back to the website, tried to purchase, it didnt work.  So obviously, the first thing you think is that you made a typo, retry, nope, doesn’t work.

ok, sssooooo, ok, maybe the typo was whilst setting the password at the online banking site.  So I go back and make 100% sure what I typed was what I wanted to type (cause entering a password into a site where you can only see ***** is a fantastic usability feature!!!, especially when SETTING a password, it’s ok for when you are entering it, but when I am setting it, perhaps the “show password” button is a good idea.  I go back to the website to buy again.


WTF WTF WTF????? Then I think, hmmmm, my password is almost 30 characters long, it’s not a password, it’s a passPHRASE, which is far easier to remember and far more secure.  I get all programmery and decide to open the website HTML and look.

[RAW]<input type=”password” name=”Pwd” maxlength=”20″ />[/RAW]

Words fail me.  I go back to the online banking site and look for the same.  In the banking site, there is no limit on the length, but when you are typing back to authenticate, there is a limit.  So lets get this straight, I can enter a 100 character password to SET my password, but I can only use 20 of those characters when I am authenticating myself.

So no wonder it doesnt match, right??

Words fail me, some programmers are fucking retarded.

Eclipse refuses to start (AGAIN!)

Hi guys,

this story has a happy ending, after I tracked down the reason, I am not sure why this happens, but if someone knows, I would love to hear it.

I cloned a git repo to my computer, then opened a brand new eclipse workspace for the project, it opened a tiny grey blank window, eclipse would refuse to open.

I opened another project, it opened fine, no problems or hiccups, so then of course I tried to intersect the projects to find out what the differences was.  I found the exact problem, although I am unable to find out why the problem occurs in the first place, since it was on the same machine I created the workspace which was ok and the workspace which was broken.

So perhaps eclipse in fedora has a bug, meh, I dont know, also, dont really care, cause I know how to fix it.

The problem was tracked down to a single file, it is:


by default, my eclipse was not creating this file, but if you create it and then add the options


eclipse will then start normally, as if nothing had happened, so something is going wrong with eclipse when this flag is not present and I have no idea why and nor google, cause I’ve tried hunting for specific information without any success.

So, if you ever, have this problem, create the missing file, put the missing parameter and try to see whether it starts or not.  below are some screenshots to provide some visual record of what happened.

See the blue highlighted, missing file
try to start eclipse
it fails with this little blank grey dialog
copy/create file with attribute, eclipse opens successfully

I hope this helps someone out.

Man who pushed woman through shop window on Regent Street dies

There is a God, ahhahahaha.  Some guy, who wasnt identified (not that it matters cause the son of a bitch is dead), tried to push a woman into a window, succeeded on the third attempt (try, try and try again???) Then got himself killed when the window he pushed her through, collapsed on him also, killing him.  You can read about it here!!

Now, lets just stop right there for a second and do this together.


Serves the woman beater right, perhaps next time, he won’t oh wait a sec….he’s dead…so well, I guess he won’t be able to learn that lesson 😀

Wow, just when you think life is against you, something good happens.  Oh well, time to sign off with a good hearty: BURN IN HELL SCUMBAG

Job Agencies and companies who use them: BURN IN HELL

I found a story on that was interesting to me, it’s here for all of those who want to read it:

here is what I commented

I used to be a temporary worker, in my area, it’s impossible to get a job without going through an agency, almost 90% of everything you find, you have to go to some crap office somewhere and sign up, where are castrate yourself in order to get a crappy 5 quid per hour.

The problem is that the agency charges the company about 2x this amount, I once found a company who are paying 14 quid an hour to employ me, but I was getting only 6 of that.  So basically this agency was getting 8 quid an hour to do what? Nothing really, just “manage” and not even do that much “managing” cause they always seemed to get my wages wrong.

Then when the government looks at this in order to improve my past situation for those unfortunate enough to require that kind of work now, they complain and moan about the extra cost.

ok, you want to complete, here is your solution, stop ripping companies off and start diverting more money to your employees, then they wouldn’t be on 5 pound an hour, would they? and wouldnt need special protection either.

When you are on 5 pound an hour, you can forget saving money, you can forget getting a mortgage, pretty much everything, you just live in your crappy little flat, rented of course, with the measly amount you have left, try to enjoy yourself with your friends down the bar, it’s the least you could do for those 12 hours shifts you have to do in order to make enough money to afford that crappy flat you live in.

Either that, or you live with your parents, like I used to, what choice is there, you have no money, you’re totally screwed and the agency have that lovely barrel for you to go and lie over, oh and if the agency think you are doing a bad job, you’re out, no warning, just a “friendly” phone call, or even better, find the guy you are “training” is actually your replacement because they have “more exciting” opportunity for you, which is actually just the same shit as it was before, just a different colour.

And these are the people who are probably complaining, I say let them all burn in flames, they sometimes have mercedez benz whilst you barely can afford the petrol to put in your 14 year old escort.  Or if they are even more bare faced, will have a posh office, normally in awfully retarded colours that never match, green with purple??? EXCELLANT choice!!! They sit you down in an office built on stealing money by screwing everyone, smile, ask you to fill in the last 4 crap jobs you had and “why you were let go” (read: why did you get sacked from the last job) and then when they are satisfied you have sufficiently been anally raped enough.  Will give you a crappy job cleaning some floor whilst all the other workers can look at you and laugh knowing you are just a sap, the smallest cog in the crappiest engine of the workforce.

You will never escape.

(Or so they thought about me, computers are wonderful things and I will never forget what they did for me and what I have accomplished now and anyone in my same position will get every ounce of help I can give to escape that lousy situation.)


Job Agencies: burn in hell.
Companies who use them: payback time.

Zed Shaw – Why I (A/L)GPL

Hi guys,

another day, another retard, zed shaw should be well known to you guys who follow crazy crap on the web, this is the guy who wrote Mongrel, a ruby on rails server and then complained and moaned like a bitch because he was practically unemployed(able???).  Then told everyone that if they didnt agree with him, he’d be more than happy to set up some kind of boxing match so we could all see what a gigantic prick he was, perhaps youtube some fat geek who can take a punch slap him the stfu up.

His article is here:

Yeah, zeds a popular guy, because, everyone knows that pissing and whining on the internets is a sure fire way to get a job and win respect.  Especially when you complain, moan and jerk off and finally say, fuck you guys, I’m going home and quit.


Well, hes at it again, this time, trying to do a circle jerk on us all by pretending he understands how software licencing works.

Well zed, there is a reason nobody will employ you mate and it’s quite simple.  Because you don’t know jack shit and you’re full of it.

APPARENTLY, if you licence something under the GPL, you have to recognise zed, he says:

After Mongrel I almost need companies to have to admit they use my software.

Well zed, here is the short version, I don’t need to admit anything, all I need to do is comply with the licence, you’re name, doesn’t NEED to appear anywhere in that discussion.  I tell my boss the following.

We are using an open source or free software package called Mongrel, it’s a really advanced framework with a great community behind it.  It has good support and I feel that it has a good place within our systems.

Do you see your name mentioned anywhere??? Oh, zed, it gets better, get this.  I could take that mongrel code, ALTER IT and STILL NOT RECOGNISE YOUR EXISTENCE, here is how I do it.  I go on our company website and I add a link called “Free software” Inside that, I put a link to a download location for our local trunk of the code.  I don’t have to admit, or recognise you in any way.  I dont have to send you teary emails saying how wonderful you are, or send you job offers, or anything, I can sit here and throw bananas at you all day whilst saying how wonderful our systems are running.

YOU, do not come into that equation pal.  Nowhere, nada, ninguno.  Isnt the internets wonderful?

Zed then amazes us with his logic thusly:

What they want is tons of free technology they can hide from investors. They want that technology all run by people who didn’t write any of the software so that these employees can’t claim ownership later.

No, no, no, no, no, stupid, idiot, retard, combination of.  They don’t want tons of free tech SO THEY CAN HIDE IT, they want tons of free tech, so they don’t have to build it, hiding it has nothing to do with it and nobody in a VC situation will even ask WHY they are using open or free software, because now it’s so normal, it helps to reduce the cost burden whilst increasing the return.  I know friends of VC people who often ask WHY ARENT THEY USING FREE SOFTWARE, I hear more of that recently.

So this isn’t about hiding, you’re arguement, surprise surprise, is built on shit for brains.  The next amazing quote, comes from zed like a steaming fountain of excrement, hot and tasty, open wide boys and girls:

However, the unwritten contract between firms and open source developers is now gone. I have no reason to give them unrestricted use of my software since they are only interested in turning my software into a hot IPO 2-5 years from now.

Well zed, here is the thing, YOU DONT HAVE ANY INPUT IN THAT DECISION.  If you licence as GPL, the only thing I have to do, is give access to my source code for any modifications.  If I do that, either through postal mail, or easier, through the web, I don’t have to do diddly squat for you, nor ask your opinion, nor guage your thoughts on these hard subjects.  I can just urinate on you and you can’t do jack shit.  The GPL only covers DISTRIBUTION of modified code, Here is the kicker and the reason the AGPL exists, The GPL doesnt actually stop me from modifying the code and using it, WITHOUT your permission, knowledge, acceptance or acknowledgment.  All I have to do is make it available.  If I make no modifications at all, I don’t even have to distribute anything, because the GPL only covers modifications and their distribution, not the distribution of unmodified source.

Zed then goes on to tell us why he’s actually not very employable.

I love working on Lamson because doing email applications are so much more fun that web applications. When I sit down to do an email app it takes only one set of technologies and I’m done. If I want to do a web application it involves design, and templates, and javascript, and databases, and endless streams of bullshit.

Firstly.  Lamson, is nothing new, actually, it’s the same old bullshit with a different colour and no better than the rest really.  Secondly, email applications are NOT fun, they are boring tedious and repetitive, I should know, cause at my employment history, I have written a few of them, web applications on the other hand, are a mish mash or tech that all comes together through interesting ways, new ways to solve data organisation, database layers, object orientation, frameworks, plugin architectures, etc.  It’s all far more interesting that email apps will ever be.

But you see, zed doesn’t like that, he likes boring simplistic email applications, so there you go, zed, you’re unemployable because actually, you ain’t really very good and mostly full of shit. Wow, you wrote a email server, whoopy fucking doo, come back when you’ve solved all those shitting little problems tha….oh wait, jabber did exactly that.  Jabber is pretty much the solution to email, if only more people would use it and more people would solve those nasty little problems jabber has that nobody puts any time into because of lack of developer interest. Jabber solves the protocol madness problem, it solves the instant messaging problem, it has the same architecture as normal email, all you need are gateways to translate to and from jabber and bingo, you’ve solved most of the problem already, oh yeah and jabber is written in almost any language you care to think and not just python like your crappy little server.

All you did, is rewrite the same old shit from 20 years ago.

Zed then goes onto say:

I use the GPL to keep you honest. You now have to tell your bosses you’re using my gear. And it will scare the piss out of them. Good. Because I have a solution to that too.

Actually, most bosses just use free software and don’t give a flying fuck about it, as long as you don’t break the law, talk to legal and get proper advice, why would anyone care? my boss wouldnt even WANT to know, only that it’s legal, why should they give a flying fuck what licence it’s under as long as legal has let it go through.  Here is the bug bear that zed has, he seems to think that everyone is scared of the GPL and free software when actually it’s nothing similar to that, everyone, in europe at least, loves free software, we all embrace it, I know dozens of companies that would never employ zed that use free software and don’t care one little bit, only that IT WORKS and nothing more.  I mean, just when I thought zed couldn’t get any stupider, he surprises us, perhaps he should work on that skill, because it seems the only one he’s good at.

Zed then makes a good point:

The other reason I love writing email software is nobody else does

Yeah zed, there is a reason for that, it’s because IT IS FUCKING BORING AND NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUCK. Another piece of his technical engineering prowess is:

Hell, the day I said I might have “Mail over REST” you guys about shit your pants.

No, we won’t, cause it’s fucking boring and has absolutely no benefit to anyone who cares, you’re just technically jerking yourself off on things nobody cares about saying, OMG I SOLVED A COOL TECHNICAL PROBLEM, that hasnt been solved for 20 years, because nobody has a reason to solve it.  Have you even wondered why such a simple task hasn’t been done yet? it’s not because people are stupid and you’re superman, it’s because nobody cares, nobody wants it and nobody has a reason to use it, everyone likes or is happy with what they have and what they can achieve with that and mail over rest, has almost 0 benefit to anyone who cares.

BTW: Mail over rest? Sounds like webmail with a different name.

Then zed opens up his business intelligence and shows us that all the cupboards are bare:

If you do open source, you’re my hero and I support you. If you’re a corporation, let’s talk business.

Nope, let me explain you how this works, I take your code, I use it, I don’t modify it, I dont distribute nothing back to you, I don’t recognise you, acknowledge you, I just take and give nothing back, all perfectly legal and you can’t do a single thing about it, I’m a corporation and I don’t have to do anything.

I modify the code, I put a link, with the download location and I STILL don’t acknowledge you, nor your existence, I don’t have to do nothing except give away the modifications that I made, as are the terms of the licence. Nor do I have to offer you a job, regardless of how many weeks you have been wearing that shirt.

BTW zed, did you know that technically, you can sell gpl software, people sell the gimp on ebay all the time and the reason those adverts are never taken down is because they are PERFECTLY 100% legal.  See, the problem is that DISTRIBUTION, requires access to all modified source codes, or hell, lets be more strict, ALL source codes regardless of modification.

So, I sell you a DVD, with gimp and all the source code on the disk, 100% perfectly legit, it’ll only cost you 99 dollars for that photoshop clone, it’s a steal!! cmon zed, buy buy buy!!

The last line, lets us all crease with laughter, as we all drive by zed, honking the horn as we go

Not pass on by waving “sucker” as they drive their fancy cars.

It’s exactly what people will do and will continue to do, you poor little homeless guy, awwww, nobody wants to employ you, what a shame, perhaps it’s because all you ever did was write a RoR server and a email server and then complained and pissed all of your goodwill up the wall and now nobody likes you.

PS: I wrote this because actually, I’m sick of this guy and his self absorbed ranting and well, if he can rant, so can I

PPS: boxing match? lol

Take care guys! This guy is a killer !!! ahahhaha