Gnome built in (nautilus) disk burner

Is it me, or is Nautilus’s burn to disk functionality incredibly bad?

  1. Takes 2 hours to write 4.3~ GB of data to a DVD
  2. Takes about 90% cpu and hdd is PERMENANTLY transferring data
  3. Takes 2 FRIGGING HOURS??

K3B on the other hand, takes about 20 minutes to write the same DVD, at most, it’s the first time I used the built in functionality, if this is the performance of it, I think I’ll stick to K3B.

NVIDIA and the burned out GPU

well, I had a lovely laptop, t’was nice, until recently.  The laptop is a DV2000 series, with a 8400GS 256MB NVIDIA Graphics GPU, the actual dv2570es.

On Monday, I got my first wake up call, in the form of a corrupted graphics screen, I thought at first it was the NVIDIA driver I use on my gnu/linux fedora 9 setup, turns out, that is not the case.  What I was getting is this, taken from my phone camera:

linux boot process, showing corruption
linux boot process, showing corruption

As you can see, the screen is totally corrupted, what happens is thus: the pattern that you see is not one of those optical effects, or problems with the phone camera, it’s an actual representation of the screen, you can see the top and bottom, there is garbage, but this is before you get to the serious corruption stage, I will add more pictures when I get the chance to catch the laptop doing it.

A step by step of what usually happens is like this:

1. you see a blue line from top to bottom, perhaps in the middle
2. you see another and then another
3. you move the mouse and everything it touches, gets corrupted
4. move and more lines, corruption and then perhaps your computer is locked up
5. as time passes, more corruption happens, but this isnt because you did anything, it’s basically just going bananas
6. you arrive at a point where the screen stops updating and you’re forced the reboot

However, when you reboot, the corruption is still present, I have it on the BIOS screen and even when I was booting into Windows Vista (to check whether it was a linux problem).  Here is a screenshot of the corrupted vista bootup screen, it happens to be the second time I try to boot it, thats why it’s displaying the “your computer didnt start properly, rescue or continue normally” screen

Here is a screenshot of the BIOS screen, still corrupted.

BIOS screen showing corruption
BIOS screen showing corruption

After a while, it goes away and I’m using the computer to do this blog entry now, but what I found was that the more you use your computer, the more you run into this problem, what I found in the end was that NVIDIA actually KNEW this situation existed and yet still sold the chips to laptop and desktop builders who in turn, sold them to me.  So for me, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Here is the story, it’s the most recently version of it anyway:

The worst part about this is that I think my warrenty JUST RAN OUT and basically I have no warrenty on the laptop at all, apart from maybe a “try to get it repaired for free and embarass them by telling them i know their dirty little secret” trick, see it it works.

I will end by showing the other images that I had for this problem, but if you have images of problems, why don’t you make a comment and let me know, show an image of the problem, lets make a catalogue of the problem so that everyone can compare themselves to our problems.

Here are some more images of the problem

Call to action!!! Book: Wasting Police Time

The book, named above, is a pretty critical piece of work by PC Copperfield and I recommend it, merely for the amusing stupidity that infects our police service. The ISBN is: 978-0-9552854-1-7

everyone buy it now and read it, you’ll most likely be told what you already know, but you’ll at least find it funny and have something to talk about the next time the topic comes up.

It’s not just RIPA or other Laws in this country that needs investigating, it’s the entire system, the problem comes that the people who oppose changes are the people finding themselves jobs and changing that, eliminating jobs, is eliminating votes, who is going to vote for a party which plans to radically tackle beaurocracy? You? I hope you have skills in other areas and find a job soon.† Also, I’ll expand that to read the entire country is in critical need of help, so it’ll let me talk about more broad topics.

If you’re a beaurocrat, you’ll vote the other guys, if you want to keep your job anyway, so the problems faced are significant.† People need to start thinking about the big picture ™ and not just their small piece of it, not that it’ll happen anytime soon.

What we need is a PM who is going to shake it up, not give a damn about getting re-elected and just tear through the system.

IT contracts?  yeah, with expensive failure clauses. You can’t find a contractor to agree? fine, divide the contract up, spread the failure across smaller companies.

BIG IT contracts? who needs them anyway, you want an integrated NHS service, are you REALLY REALLY sure you need IBM to achieve it? or do they need to just design the principles and push local IT companies to do the implementation at a LOCAL LEVEL? Failure clauses? sure, but since the risk is now smaller, surely you’ll find someone.

Police service? It would be great if seargents and the top brass of police were electable, then at least we could get rid of the useless ones. We need to rebalance the entire system and starting with this incredible nonsense called Political Correctness. In Wasting Police Time, PC Copperfield explains thusly (paraphrased).

I walked up to a known drug dealer, asked him “Hi Ray, Got any drugs?” which he replied “no”, I searched him and asked him how his wife and kids were and mentioned that his eldest is about to take his GCSE’s, found nothing, he walked away with a smile and a wave, it was almost “chummy”, friendly.† Now contrast that with the reaction a suspected black car thief gets, it’s similar to: We are searching you with our powers granted by the PACE act 1984, here is a copy of your information, here is a copy of the form I filled out to authorise the stop and search, I am based at Newtown police station, you are required…[Ed. get on with it…}etc.etc.etc. In the end the treatment the ray, the white drug dealer got was completely different from the black car thief, which is not what people intended.

That Sums up completely what is wrong with race relations and the police in this country, they are SCARED of arresting non-whites because then they have to defend themselves against racial allegations.

The NHS? make redundant most of the people who fill in paperwork and let doctors and nurses COMMAND their wards, like the Matron of old, that system worked and worked very well, people seem to think that the idea behind the NHS was a new idea, it was actually nothing new, just a new name for something that already existsed before it, albeit with more resources, wealthy people in the days before the NHS used to pay donations to keep the poor healthy, albeit on a much smaller scale, all Labour did was take the idea and apply it to the entire country and tax everyone to pay for it.

But now, we don’t pay for nurses, we pay for Beaurocrats, I know which type of Beaurocrat I would prefer, one that knows which end of the needle to stick in me, or one who knows how to put plaster casts on broken limbs. If you’re going to employ people to do paperwork, don’t employ someone new, make their existing workers do it, then at least the staff levels don’t increase, not enough time to fill in all the papers AND do your job? ok, reduce the amount of paperwork.

Has anyone considered that most of the paperwork is merely Ass-covering? What is the point of that when there are people waiting outside for 4 hours to see a doctor? Paperwork is coming BEFORE patient care. How did that happen?

Lots of things need to change and we need to start thinking about laws that affect us and laws that do not affect us. just because a law doesnt affect you today, doesnt mean it doesnt affect you tomorrow, stop thinking JUST about yourself, start thinking outside your cosy life and standing up for people who are nothing to do with you, only when will you find the assistance you need when you need it.

To quote a poet who wrote: First they came…

First they came for the Communists,
– but I was not a communist so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists,
– but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Jews,
– but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me

Time to start waking up, time to start helping each other get what we want, maybe this article needs a more solid rewrite, with less ranting and more content, but it’s just something I posted on this afternoon, so I thought I would post it up here and see if anyone agrees with me enough to talk about it (or at least nod sagely)

Jeff Waugh censoring his blog

Hey, just woke up to a nasty censorship slap, here is the details,

last night I read Murray Cummings post about Jeff Waugh, I got to there from a link on António Meireles blog and I wrote back to analyse what had happened, I first went to Murray’s blog, read his very hard hitting entry and stopped to think that maybe it’s right, maybe it’s not, on Antónios blog, I wrote that nowadays everyone can write blah blah blah, but it’s not enough, you shouldn’t be contributing to a serious post in a “He’s not stupid, YOU’RE stupid” reply, what does that prove?

So I went about analysing the post murray wrote and posted it back, António doesnt moderate his blog, so obviously what I said, came into the world and you can read it at the bottom, if it was unfair, wrong, badly written, please let me know, but I think I had a point, in that, if you can’t contribute anything to a discussion, why bother, keep your mouth shut and let other people talk about it, because if all you can say is Nah nah nah nahhhhh nahhhh, then I don’t think many people are going to take you seriously.

So, I went to Jeff Waugh’s blog which is also linked from the same post and I read his rather depressing post about how Murray has a point and that everything is not how murray painted it, etc etc. So I wrote back, here is what I wrote.

8. Alex M. Says:
November 27th, 2007 at 10:18

I also have suffered from depression in the past and It can feel overwhelming and unbearable at times – but stick it out, things allways seem to get better even when you don?t expect it. I hope you get elected and can continue to do excellent work for Gnome, I think comments like Murrays are detramental to Gnome and free-software in general and hope he makes some form of apology soon.
9. Chris Thomas Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
November 27th, 2007 at 10:44


I really feel sorry if you?ve suffering, but where there is smoke, there is fire, what I guess we should do, is instead of saying ?oh well, thats YOUR opinion, this is mine? what you should do is start to analyse whether what was said, is right or wrong.

What murray commented on is that when an issue is brought up, you?re overly vague, evasive, put it down to ?personal differences?, etc, etc. Isn?t that EXACTLY what you?ve just done here?

I don?t see any point by point rebuttal, I don?t see any analysis, I don?t see any fighting, it?s almost like you agree with him, but can?t bring yourself to say it.

You?re periods of absence? You?re 6 months to bring a PR release for GMAE? What about not replying to emails, what about being non-responsive. Can ANY of this be wrong? Do you have ANYTHING that says murray is wrong? Surely if you have done work on gnome, if you?ve communicated, talked, discussed, this is open source, there is an audit trail.

Lets see where the cookies go.

But instead of putting the truth on the table, you react in EXACTLY the way murray explains you will do, replying with the way that you have here, you?ve not explained anything, you?ve not actually reponded to anything he says and I know you?re going to reply to me in a very predictable way, that this has all been discussed before and it?ll come to nothing.

WHERE, show me, I wanna click the links and read it, I wanna see four or five mailing list posts where I can see that YOU?RE RIGHT AND MURRAY IS WRONG.

Saying you’ve got depression is all very well, but you know, that when you are a firefighter and you have heart problems, you can’t fight fires anymore. So, lets break this down some more.

You’re saying that the reason for some of your actions is that you’ve got depression, ok, we’re all very sorry, seriously, I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, but what you have to consider is that maybe your depression is causing harm to the projects you?re interested in, or involved in. There comes a point where someone calls you out, someone puts your health on the table and says, “we’re all very sorry, but your suffering, is becoming OUR suffering” and whilst we should all support those around us, to force that upon us is to do us harm as well as others.

Should that be “ok” ?

Your post is very apologetic, very vague and almost sounds like agreement with murray, to me, that says to me that maybe you should consider NOT running anymore, because you realise your problems are being forced onto everyone else and everyone is suffering because you refuse to face reality, that you cannot do the things you want to do, you are simply restricted by your circumstances,

welcome to the world, please take a seat.

chris thomas

Apparently Jeff hasn’t got the time to read my post and moderate it, but he’s got all the time in the world to approve other comments from other people, who as you’ll see, there are like 10 more comments after mine. So I am in approval limbo until Jeff approves my comment, I guess he’ll just say that he didnt see my comment was waiting, or that my comment isnt IN the system, what am I talking about?? “chris? a blog post from you? where? I can’t see it? I think it’s gotten lost in the post”

Isn’t this exactly what Murray was complaining about? what jeff somehow doesnt receive messages like normal people, but then says he didnt receive it, so couldn’t reply, you know, sometimes I’ve done that, it’s like this:

Someone emails you saying something you don’t really have an answer for, they put you against the wall, you really have two options, 1) reply and hope you can reply with something good or 2) don’t reply, say the offending email was lost and you never received it, therefore sidestepping the problem entirely.

We’ve all done it at one time or another, I know I have, Jeff seems to be doing it also. To back up what I am saying, I took a screenshot of Jeff’s blog and I thought it might be interesting to see, so here is the screenshot.

Jeff wauge's blog screenshot
Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see if these comments get moderated or not, I’d like to see if they disappear, never get moderated, got lost in the post, or Jeff’s dog ate them.

Possibilities Possibilities.

I’ll update this post when I have more to say, I’ve got to email Murray and get some other people on board.

Chris Thomas

Another great GTK+ Dialog

Wow, it must be like the Month of GTK+ Dialogs here at my laptop, here is another cracker. Who can tell me how useful this is?

Another great GTK+ Dialog

This dialog is from The Gimp, where you try to save as a PNG and get a huge dialog to confront you and make you feel safe and sound, except you can’t really see most of the text and I am sure they didn’t mean it to be


Stormy seas ahead for installing Linux with Vista (Or BSD)

Hey there!

ok, so I bought this new laptop at the weekend and I got it home, wow, it’s amazing, a HP Pavilion DV2570es (dv2000 on the front, what I said on the bottom).

Dual core T7100 (1.8Ghz per core), 2GB of DDR2 memory, 160GB SATA hard disk, PCIExpress, Geforce 8400M GS graphics, 1280×800 14inch screen.

All for 999 euros, which is like, 750 pounds in real money. So bloody cheap for what you get. Anyway, so it comes with Vista Home Premium installed, along with the customary HP software which most people just ignore and I uninstalled most of it :D

Took a DVD backup of the system, for the restore disks and decided that I would transplant my linux installation from my old laptop to the new one. No probs I thought, hook up Clonezilla, backup to my portable hdd, use Clonezilla to restore from the portable hdd in the new laptop.


As soon as I reboot, I get the dreaded:

“unable to access \windows\system32\winload.exe”

So, not a happy chappy right now, I’ve just busted my brand new laptop. So, hours of reading the forums, asking for help in IRC, etc, etc, led me to this page: FreeBSD & Windows Vista

Now, I know linux and bsd are not the same, but ultimately, if you see past this difference, you can see that there is no real difference in our situation.

The crux of the problem

The problem is that little number in the MBR called a UID which linux overwrote with it’s bootloader, now thats it’s gone, I cannot boot windows, omg, I just paid for a legal version of vista, yet now, it’s gone. basically windows vista required a UID number in the MBR to remain in order to boot, this method is DEFAULT, I mean, who’s fucking idea was this?

Why Why Why!!!

Vista needs to know which disk is the one which contains windows, ok, so the first disk right? Aha! no, in some systems, the boot disk moves around, I for example, could install another hdd, then vista wouldnt know which disk to boot from.

Take a look at that statement and figure out why it’s not unreasonable to think that the default behaviour is stupid.

The reason is, because 99% of people, who have vista anyway, which is what, 1% of people who have computers :D :D don’t actually change the hdd’s around, most people, don’t touch the internals of their systems, we techies, are not the mainstream, we are the unusual 1% who like to tinker. But the default method of identifying hdd’s, is the one which techies would use the most, 99% of people would never use, or see the reason for it’s use, put into action. So why do it?

Reasonable Reasoning

Why do you think Microsoft made it so that a UID in the MBR would be required to boot vista, even though it can boot without the UID perfectly well, even though the technique to identify the drive, would only be used by the minority of people and this method of relying on a UID in the MBR area of the disk could easily be used as a “fallback” if the dumb “use the drive the computer booted from” method didnt work.

Who installs bootloaders? (they are pieces of software which overwrite the MBR with a program which lets you boot alternative operating systems). Answer that question and you’ve got yourself a good answer as to why they made this technique of using the UID default. I mean, below, I explain how you can turn this off, so it’s obviously NOT REQUIRED.

So if you install a new bootloader, you’ll break your vista installation and have to repair it. Do you even know how? Do you have a restore disk? (you did make one, right?) Do you have a vista install disk? Do you know how to use a text console, which is required when you want to use the Recovery Environment? If you don’t know, you’ve just broke vista and you don’t have the knowledges you need to fix it. Better call your clever techie friend for some beers and a “hey, whilst you’re here, you could look at my computer for me?”

Not completely gone

I know I can restore the system from the restore disks I made.

yes, I was lucky in thinking that I should buy DVD’s at the same time and therefore had enough spare to make disks, if I didnt buy those, I wouldnt have had the disks, so I would have just said to myself “nevermind, I’ll buy some more on Monday and make the disks then” which would have left me high and dry

However, it’s a little bit of a funny story, you see, I live in spain, barcelona in fact, where I got the laptop from, I bought a spanish laptop, so everything is in spanish, I tried the restore disks at first, looking for Windows Recovery Environment, which the restore disks don’t have. I didnt see a difference whilst translating the Spanish, between

  • System Restore
  • System Restore Point

To me, they looked the same, so I was trying to restore my MBR by telling windows to migrate back to the last system restore point, which doesnt work of course, because my windows cannot boot, nevermind use restore points. So I convinced myself that the disks don’t work, they did, in the end, I found that there are advanced options and I just reformatted the entire laptop back to the factory specs.

The Warning

The basic premise is, don’t install linux on top of vista without doing something in vista first, if you do, you’ll make your vista unusable and if you don’t have a vista install disk, you’ll have to resort to using the restore disks and you might lose data. Follow the instructions at the bottom of here, in vista, THEN install linux as much as you like

The Solution

  1. Boot vista
  2. Open a Command prompt, AS ADMINISTRATOR
  3. Type the following
    • BCDEDIT /set {bootmgr} device boot
    • BCDEDIT /set {default} device boot
    • BCDEDIT /set {default} osdevice boot

Now, I don’t know what the link from was talking about when they mentioned the Ultimate Boot CD as a method to do this, because I downloaded it and I was not able to get this working. However, I did try the Windows AIX to create a PE environment disk, which also failed as well, I don’t know why, just black screen, no boot.

You type those commands into vista, once they are done, you can install whatever bootloader you like and vista won’t complain, or know, or care, I did, I’ve got grub installed again and my life is as it was before I even touched vista.

See you soon, Take care, I hope you don’t break your laptop as quickly as I broke mine!


Linux, FAT32 and mounting options

Oh boy, this was great

the other day I was having some problems with eclipse, basically for some reason my folders and filenames were automatically getting renamed to lower case, I couldnt figure out why, at first I was blaming eclipse, you can read about these problems I had here:

Eclipse and Plug-in Dependency Fun

In the end I thought it was eclipse, so posted a “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME” message to the eclipse newsgroups. At the end, I was informed that maybe my linux mount options are to blame and I should look up shortname property.

OMFG “?”?%”?”%!”%&&//%(&/(%&/$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING LINUX!!!!

To put it robustly.

You see, for some insanely stupid reason someone decided that automounting FAT32 partitions should use the property “shortname=lower” and if you check your Windows readable USB memory key in linux, you might find the same property.

What this means, is that ALL filenames, will be shown as lower case, regardless of the original filename, which MAY BE UPPER CASE. It will still come through as lower case. Why?? Who’s insane idea was this? So let me get this straight, I create a file called MANIFEST.MF, on a case retaining filesystem (which means, it’ll keep the case of the filename intact) and we’ll redisplay that file as ??? Since when are they the same file?


In terms of filesystems, here are some of the definitions which are important.

Case retaining means that if you create a file called MANIFEST.MF, it will retain (keep) the case you originally gave it. However, if you open the file “” you will STILL OPEN the same file. Hence it retains the case of the filename string, however when opening a file (to read, write, append, truncate, etc). It’s not important and will open anything which matches the string CONTENTS and not the string EXACTLY.


MANIFEST.MF is equal to MaNiFeSt.Mf, etc.

Case Sensitive, however, means the above, that it will retain case and that attempting to open the file for whatever reason, MUST GIVE the same identical string, with same upper case and lower case letters.



MANIFEST.MF is not equal to: MaNiFeSt.Mf, etc.

So, FAT32, is case retaining, but not case sensitive. However eclipse is case sensitive, VERY VERY case sensitive. So, when the linux filesystem driver gives eclipse the filenames meta-inf and, eclipse looks whether they are the files which it *requires* to operate properly as a plugin, META-INF and MANIFEST.MF.

The comparison fails, so eclipse thinks they are different files and therefore your plugin project is invalid. If you rename these files to upper case, you’ll get a valid plugin again, until eclipse refreshes the file list, which obtains the new lower case filenames again and ***BAM***, your plugin again, is invalid.

The solution to this is thus, you must mount the FAT32 partition using shortname=mixed, you can either put this into your /etc/fstab, where it’ll use it automatically, or you can do what I did and install the parameter into the gconf options, so when it automounts, it’ll use the property. You can do that by following these instructions

  1. open the gconf editor (if you don’t have it installed, install it, then open it)
  2. you’ll find it in the system tools section of your Gnome desktop menu
  3. Navigate through the heirarchy of folders to:/system/storage/default_options/vfat
  4. On the right, you’ll see mount options, open it
  5. change the value of shortname=lower to shortname=mixed
  6. click accept
  7. close gconf
  8. Unmount and remount your FAT32 drives

Easy when you know how, huh?

Eclipse: Activator class is invalid


well, during my resurgent interest in my Esftp plugin, I found I couldn’t compile it, I solved the original problem in my last post on eclipse, you can find it here

Eclipse and Plug-in Dependency Fun

Well, after getting past that, I was onto victory, or so I thought, I could build the plugin fine now that I knew the problem with the Filesystem and FAT32 filesystems, however when I tried to run the plugin in a debug environment, I couldnt get anything to run, I could see the basic elements, but I could not see the workspace or project preferences panels, when I tried to open them I got a dialog saying it could not create them.

I was advised on #eclipse channel to use the -consoleLog option which will output any errors that I have when I am running my plugin, upon using this option, I got a whole bunch of errors, some of them nothing to do, but this one in particular was a problem.

!ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 2 0 2007-07-16 22:54:27.236
!MESSAGE The activator com.antimatter_studios.esftp.Activator for bundle
com.antimatter_studios.esftp is invalid
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: The activator
com.antimatter_studios.esftp.Activator for bundle
com.antimatter_studios.esftp is invalid

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
Root exception:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.antimatter_studios.esftp.Activator

So, basically, Eclipse was telling me that the Activator class for my plugin, was invalid, but I couldn’t see anything wrong with it, it was ok to me and it followed the rules of the Hello World test plugin I created, but still, it wouldnt load properly.

Here is the solution that I found and used, now my plugin exports properly, debugs properly, etc, etc. Good work team !

ok, after talking to paul webster on IRC, I found the solution, which was that on the build tab, at the top, you have two sections under “runtime configuration”, on the left, you have add library, it usually contains “.” as the only item, or more, but “.” is usually there. On the other side, you have add Folder, there was the problem, it was empty, upon adding “src”, which is the folder containing the plugin source code, I was able to finally get the plugin to work.

so I hope that helps some people and saves them from the problem I had.

See you next time!

Eclipse and Plug-in Dependency Fun


I have just had a load of fun, you see, I wanted to update my plugin ESftp with a new version, with FTP capabilities for example and I fired up eclipse and tried to open the original project. What I found was really weird.

import org.eclipse.ui;

This line in particular, said to me that it cannot import org.eclipse because it cannot be resolved!?!?!?! What???

Then, my whole source code tree lit up like a red christmas tree, red lights everything, NOTHING works, I cannot figure out what has happened, this is a disaster.

So, I created a new plugin project and started to look for differences, I found that in the new project, I had a “Plug-in Dependency” group which has like 30 jar files inside it, these are apparently the libraries which eclipse links against when it compiles my programs. So I think the reason why my project doesnt work is because the original DOES NOT HAVE THIS PLUGIN GROUP/CONTAINER.

So, I go looking for ways to reset my project, mayeb to trigger eclipse into working again, I try going through the file, the eclipse preferences, I run eclipse -clean, I try deleteing the workspace and adding the project to a blank workspace. In the end, I grabbed eclipse 3.3 europa (brand new release) and installed that, thinking that my distribution was just SO BROKEN that it could not be saved and I needed a new one.

So, now I create a new plugin project, aha, I have the Plug-in Dependency container and YES!!!! it’s full of the correct jar files I expect, so, I do what I thought was best and copied the files from the original project to the new project. I closed the eclipse editor to see if I could save the project in this state and then reopened it.


WHAT?!?!?! Where??? I just saved it and closed eclipse and it was RIGHT THERE. But now, it’s gone and there is nothing that can bring it back again, so I think I found a bug in eclipse. I took a copy of the project which works, just in case I thought eclipse would corrupt it and maybe if I had a copy, I would be able to test it and see the differences. I found eclipse made lots of changes to lots of files, but opening the original in eclipse gave me the same result, I had no plug-in dependency container again.

I have no idea what is going on here.

Then, I had a stupid idea, what if it was case sensitivity causing the problems? You see, I run the projects from my VFAT (FAT32, win98) formatted portable USB harddisk. Which of course, the filesystem cannot handle case sensitive names, so I thought, what if I tried to change the case of the names for the manifest, cause I remember that they are USUALLY IN CAPTIALS AND NOT SMALL LETTERS

That last sentence is the key, you see, once I changed the following items

  • meta-inf
  • meta-inf/

From lower case into


All of a sudden, my Plugin dependency container is back again and it’s full of jar files, ready to link.

THAT WAS THE REASON, so if you have a similar reason in the future, check the case for the filenames and change them back to upper case and see if that fixes your problem, cause it fixed mine, only 2, 3, hours of my working day wasted. But nevermind

Pinging Windows Network Machines from linux


ok, I have just found an excellant piece of info, what I found was that I was setting up a SAMBA server to run as a file server for all the other machines, but I couldn’t ping the Windows Machine name from linux, so I have a machine called “Albert” and I want to ping it, I don’t know it’s IP yet, so what do I do? Thats right, you guessed it, this:

ping albert

Now,the problem with that is that sometimes you’ll find it doesnt work, it’ll say it cannot find it and cannot ping it as a result, so what to do in order to fix it? Well, This is the page and information I came across just ten minutes ago, which resolves the problem

URL: Here

the part of interest would be
“…and the “wins” parameter needs to be added to the “hosts:” line in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file”

so then…
grab you favorite editor
edit your /etc/nsswitch.conf file
search for the line starting with hosts (my line was like this “hosts: files dns”)
add “wins” to the line (”hosts: files dns wins”)

Da daaaa!!! now trying….

[root@server home]# ping albert
PING albert ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=128 time=0.240 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=128 time=0.237 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=128 time=0.236 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=128 time=0.236 ms

These little gems you find on the net! Good luck with your SAMBA setup!